A Budding Beautician

Camden’s First HaircutCamden’s First Hair Cut

Well, truly it was bound to happen. I would have been deluding myself had I not known that the possibility was out there given that we keep scissors at her craft table. Yesterday, my precocious two year old decided that her hair was too long. She bounded over to me while I was retrieving something in the garage with a large lock of hair.

“Look Mommy! It was too long”

“What is that?” Not quite sure what she is holding.

“Look, it’s my hair. It was too long!” Proudly holding out her specimen.

Starting to understand what is going on. “Camden, how did the hair get off your head?” I’m looking all over her head to see where it came from.

“It was too long.”

“Yes, I hear that it was too long. How did you get the hair off your head?” Still looking for where the missing hair came from.

“I used the scissors and cut it!” she said beaming with pride.

Trying to stifle a laugh. “We don’t cut hair with scissors. You can only cut paper with scissors. Only mommy’s and daddy’s cut hair.”

“I wanted my hair short like daddy’s”

“Your hair is beautiful. When you are a grown up you can cut your hair short.”

That was about how the conversation went. I took her inside and promptly had her hold out the hair for some photo’s and a video clip on our camera. Might as well salvage the moment with some photo’s. LOL. I am just so thankful that she didn’t cut a real obvious piece of hair and that she was proud enough to come show me the first piece. Aye aye aye I shudder to think of the damage that could have been done. ;-)

Needless to say the scissors have gone up and away for a few days.

The Video:


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