Midnight Mothering

It is 12:48 am and I have just wrapped up my mothering duties for the day. I know I can’t be the only mother out there who finds herself scurrying around at all hours of the day/night attending to her family. I salute all the other mothers who find themselves in this 24 hour a day role. Perhaps you are nursing your little one back to a blissful slumber or tending to an ill child. Maybe you are comforting a young one from his nightmare or dutifully waiting on the couch until your teen’s key is heard in the door. Perhaps like me you are flitting from room to room tidying up the house and finishing the last of the dishes. Perhaps sleep is unable to find you because your mind is wracked with thoughts of how you can be a better wife or mother or how you are going to pay the next bill? Maybe you are soaking in the solitude and all though dead tired, enjoy this empty quiet. No matter what your reason, here’s to midnight mothering…



  1. Hanna · May 13, 2008

    I used to think it couldn’t get any worse than midnight feedings, but now at age 2, the nightmares have started. My usually independent (and now 25 lb) daughter could only find comfort in my cradling her like a newborn, once again pressed against my chest. Its bittersweet.

  2. Lisa · August 23, 2007

    OH yes………midnight mothering indeed. Oftentimes, I am up, just TRYING to decompress, ya know….. (your blog is great, J……)

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