Cloth is Back – Cloth Diapering in Today’s World

Fuzzi Bunz

Happy Heiny’s

Camden modeling a GAD

If you haven’t heard…cloth diapers are back! This time they are simple to use and super cute! They put less waste in our landfills and one of the best perks…they save you money! In fact, saving money was the original reason I looked into cloth diapers. That and the fact that my daughter had started to develop a persistent rash.

Even though we are past the days of diapers in our house now I actually miss it. Insert shock and gasps here. No really, I do. I look back at the pictures of our diaper stash’s (the cool lingo cloth diapering moms use to describe the diapers they own) and wish that I could still be putting those cute things on her bum. But alas my daughter potty trained at 27 months and has moved on to “panties”.

Cloth diapering has become something that is important to me though so I feel the need to take the time and share our story and our transition into cloth diapers.

When my daughter was 12 months old she started getting a light but persistent rash on her tush. It was concerning to me because she never had rashes as an infant. I had glimpsed threads about cloth diapering from an online email chat board but would toss those discussions quickly into the trash can. Cloth diapers? That’s nasty! Because let’s face it, only the really hard core hippie’s use cloth diapers and I’m content with my Luv’s thank you very much. So, I’m perusing my email once again and decide to hit the email group up with a question about my daughter’s persistent rash that I can’t seem to get rid of. Emails fly in left and right. Diaper rash ointment this and diaper rash ointment that and then BAM – “it’s the diapers!” lamented one mom. Then another one piped in, yes it’s the diapers, she agreed. And then another, and then another.

I’ve learned this about email chat groups – the fringy moms gain power with numbers and they have this amazing ability to unite. Anyway, back to story. So, by this time I’m getting a little annoyed. Diapers? Why would the diapers cause a rash? So then they start tossing around the links. Gotta love links (stay tuned for some of my own). I finally concede and start to read the links. Hmmmm. Maybe there is something to this. And wow, cloth diapers are cheaper, that’s cool. Whoa, no pins or anything. They make cloth diapers that snap and some that have velcro, who knew? Whoa! Look at the cute diapers. I looked at the links a little bit every day. I started asking about moms who switched to cloth diapers. By this time my baby was 13 months old. Was it still worth it to switch to cloth? (Her little rash was still there by the way) The United Moms for Cloth Diapering America (kidding, but that would be a cool group) assured me that it was still worth it.

So, I took the plunge and then some. I became so convinced about cloth diapering that I joined Natural Family Boutique; my first home based business, and purchased my first set of Happy Heiny Diapers through my consultant account. I bought two diapers because I didn’t want to go crazy before trying them out.So we get the diapers in the mail and I am stoked! Wow, these are super soft! I put them on Camden and she loves them. She parades around the house adoring her new diaper. I love them so much that I drive 45 minutes away and buy two more cloth diapers – this time Fuzzi Bunz from a boutique shop. I wash diapers like a mad woman trying to rotate through my stock of four diapers because now I can’t bear to put paper diapers on my daughter. We were pretty broke though so I discovered and bought 10 Fuzzi Bunz diapers off of there.

It took awhile to get used to washing the diapers. I was doing a load of diapers every other day but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t mind the washing. I just put our used diapers in a small garbage can with a lid until it was time to wash. And no, handling the poop was not a big deal. I simply shook off what I could into the toilet and then put the diaper into the garbage can until it was time for washing. No rinsing, no swishing, nothing like that. Then on wash day I would shake the inserts out of the diapers, do a pre-rinse and then do a hot/cold wash with detergent. Usually I followed with a 2nd rinse just to make sure all the soap came out. We tried lots of different soaps and in the end I highly recommend Allens Naturally.

We tried out a few different pocket brands through our cloth diaper career but mostly stuck with our favorites: Happy Heiny’s & Fuzzi Bunz. Happy Heiny’s have a pocket insert and use velcro to keep the diaper shut. Fuzzi Bunz also have a pocket insert but use snaps to keep the diaper shut. Both are cute and work well. We liked bumGenius as well but found that the quality of the diaper didn’t hold up very well. Hopefully that will change as they continue to make improvements.

Eventually I liked cloth diapers so much I decided to start my own business that focused on selling cloth diapers and other alternative baby items. I named my business The Happy Hippo and unfortunately I am still working on getting this business up and off the ground. (But for anyone interested in Fuzzi Bunz or Happy Heiny’s please contact me. I do conduct private sales on these items.

The first thing I noticed after beginning cloth diapers was that my daughter’s diaper rash went away. Voila! Poof! Gone! It was pretty amazing. It was worth the extra padding on her bum. Which by the way, I found very endearing. You also learn how to spot a cloth diapered baby from a mile away.

The second thing I noticed is that Camden started to take notice of when she was going to the bathroom. She started to tell me when she needed a diaper change. Using cloth diapers made transitioning to potty training a breeze.

Going places with cloth diapers wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I simply carried plastic grocery bags in her diaper bag and put the dirty diapers in the bag until we got home. Some invest in a wet bag.

I do confess that when we traveled for the weekend to stay with family that we simply used disposable diapers. With our next child I intend to be braver and to use either G-Diapers or to simply use cloth. But then again by the time we have our next child perhaps there will be even better cloth diapers out there on the market.

So, really cloth diapers are back and there is nothing wrong with using them. And if you need some good reasons to switch all you have to do is Google “cloth diapers” or ask a question about diaper rashes to an email group. ;-)


  1. Working at Home Mom · March 6, 2008

    Loved reading this post. I slowly learned the hard way that cloth was the best way to go and love it.

  2. Beth · August 28, 2007

    I actually met Jessica online and hired her to babysit my very-attached-child every now and then. I thought she was this crazy earth-mom — she cloth diapered AND nursed AND bought these all leather shoes for her daughter. I nursed – but that was it. Yeah well within weeks – I was ordering my first stash of Fuzzi Bunz from her — AND the darn shoes! lol

    THANK YOU JESSICA! This woman is a WEALTH of knowledge!!

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  4. Emeth Hesed · July 26, 2007

    I laughed out loud at “The United Moms for Cloth Diapering America.” Mmm. Thanks for the post.

    What are G-Diapers?

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