Don’t Worry, I’ve Been There

People are basically good. I believe that and have always believed that but I think sometimes my eyes cloud over because of the focus that society has on what sells. Violence sells. Drama sells. Simple and good don’t really sell. Because usually simple and good are free. They are the everyday things all around us. They are what we let become the mundane.

Just today a young boy opened the door for Camden and I. Just today countless busy adults held conversations with my chatty two year old. Just today while in a very small public restroom a lady knowinlgy smiled at us even though we were taking too long and our diaper bag was in her way. I apologized to her and she said “Don’t worry, I’ve been there.”

I want to add this phrase to my daily repertoire. “Don’t worry, I’ve been there.” I think that phrase could heal so many of our relationships and perhaps even our country.

Instead of snubbing our nose at the mother with a tantruming obnoxious child, the father applying for food stamps, the driver on the phone completely oblivious to your presence behind them, the rude waiter, the late spouse, the ignorant frient why not smile and say “Don’t worry, I’ve been there.”

Perhaps you haven’t been in their exact shoes but you’ve been close. We’ve all felt that we were in the middle of a situation we couldn’t control, we’ve all had to humble ourselves to admit we can’t do it alone, we’ve all indulged our own preoccupations at the expense of others, we’ve all had a bad day and not been aware of its far reaching effects, we’ve all been late, we’ve all learned something new.

We’ve all been there. And despite what society keeps trying to get me to believe I choose to believe that people are basically good.

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