Rubber Ducky You’re the One…


You Make Lead Poisoning So Much Fun!

Did you really think the recalls were over yet? Don’t kid yourself. They’re not. Like the Energizer Bunny they are going to keep going and going and going… (you get the point).

This time the lead recall is for a watering can in the shape of a duck. Another children’s product. Recall is HERE


China Wants to Electrocute My Husband


Yet Another Recall

As if it wasn’t bad enough that China wants to harm my child by giving her lead poisoning and death by lethal digestion of magnet now they are attempting to leave me as a widow with an electrocuted husband. Nice. And yes, my husband has these boots and even better he is an Electrician. Looks like we are in the market for a new pair of boots…

Recall Here

(and yes, this was said with a sense of humor…i’m not a conspiracy theorist…yet)

Mothering Challenge #241


We were on our way to the grocery store to buy some much needed groceries when I was presented with Mothering Challenge #241. I believe we’ve all had this one. We were halfway to the grocery store when I noticed my little one was awfully quiet. Too quiet. Oh no! I pull the car over and peek behind me. Just as I suspected, she’s asleep.

An invisible slip of paper is before me and I quickly overview the challenge: sleeping toddler vs need groceries. I begin my calculations of statistics and probability. Statistically speaking my daughter is a crab if I wake her up and probably she will scream her head off in the grocery store. Hmm. Going grocery shopping doesn’t sound too appealing right now. Let’s keep evaluating. Statistically when my daughter falls asleep after five pm it is no good for me because she will probably be up until midnight. Hmm. Letting her sleep doesn’t sound too good either. Unfortunately, there are countless variables that I must consider before arriving at my decision: need food., a needy tired husband, tired mom, shopping carts don’t push themselves, toddlers don’t come with mute buttons, illegal to leave sleeping child in car, that was an enormous waste of gas and effort to put shoes on.

I enter all of this into my mothering challenge databank. My head hurts. I look again. Still asleep. Oh, look how sweet…but not if she wakes up. Another invisible piece of paper floats before my eyes. I open it. Procrastinate.

Aha. Mothering Challenge #241 is solved with Mothering Solution #1. And you thought mothering was hard.

Toys Made in America – Part Two

Elves & Angles Kitchen

Toys Made in America: Just the list

**New links are at the bottom in bold**

A Toy Garden (Put “USA” in the search field)

U.S. Made Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – North Star Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – Unfinished Natural Wood Toys

D & Me

Turner Toys

Nature’s Crib

Our Green House

Arts in Heaven

Willow Tree Toys

Pristine Planet

Fat Brain Toys

My Grandma Lucy – COMING SOON!

Uncle Goose

American Toy

Toys From Time Past

Cubby Hole Toys

Roy Toy

Soft Blocks

Tag Toys


Wisconsin Wagon Company

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Moon Marble

Wikki Stix

Elves & Angels

Whittle Shortline Railroad

Barclay Blocks

Down to Earth Toys

Other Resources

Here is another website with links dedicated to products made in America. It has A LOT of resources: Made in the USA

The following websites contain many businesses run by work-at-home-moms (WAHM’s). Their products are handmade and made in America. Purchases also directly help out their families. It’s a wonderful way to support the “little guy”:

Hyena Cart


Better yet, open up your local phone book and see if you have any local toy makers in your own community or place an add in the paper or on Craiglist and search out someone willing to make toys for you. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to actually meet and shake hands with the person that makes your children’s toys?

Even super better? Make your own! There are countless sites dedicated to helping you learn how to make your own toys.

Good luck!

(Just in case you are wondering, that beautiful kitchen at the top is made by Elves & Angels and is the kitchen we purchased for our daughter…we can’t wait to receive it!)

Stupid Neighbor


Well we had quite the adventure last night. We were lying in bed at a quarter to eleven, watching TV and heard a loud glass sounding crash in the back yard. Mike grabbed his gun and ran to investigate and I looked out the window to see the neighbors behind us lights turn off 2 seconds later.

Turns out the teenage neighbor boy behind us threw a plate at our house and it shattered glass everywhere. We called the cops and waited for them to arrive. Mike waited in the backyard for the kid to come back outside and scope out his work, which of course he did. Mike scared the crap out of him by shining the flashlight in his face as soon as he got near the fence (he didn’t know Mike was in the yard). Mike asked why he was throwing stuff at our house and of course the boy denied it. Mike told him he could explain it all to the cops. When the police officer got there the first time the boy turned off all the lights and hid so the cop had to leave. Five minutes after the cop left all the lights came on because the mom got home, so we called the police officer back to the house. After the officer left we could hear the mom screaming at the boy for over an hour. It was entertaining.

This is not the first time we have found stuff in our yard. There have been eggs, toilet paper, garbage and other miscellaneous junk. What’s worse is that this kid is a Level II sex offender for Child Molestation (removed link since it gave his address and essentially shares mine). And until we catch this kid in our yard or have proof of him doing it in the act there is nothing we can do. Our legal system is quite grand. Maybe it’s time we invest in a motion detected camera.

Natural Wooden Toys Made in America


When the recalls from China first started coming in and I realized I had to do something about the toys in our house, I only felt frustration. Frustrated with China, frustrated with the companies not taking time to quality control their products and frustrated with myself for allowing such cheaply made things to take over our house in the first place.

I am definitely over that frustration now. In fact, I am totally excited and elated! I’ve spent the last few days searching for wooden toys made in the United States and I am astonished at the options that actually exist. The quality of the toys is apparent just by looking at the online pictures and I am so happy to be able to support all the families that build and supply these toys. I want to share these links with other parents and grandparents that may be seeking out these alternatives as well. There are also a lot of high quality and natural wooden toys made in other countries like Germany, Thailand, Sweden, etc. But right now I want to focus on items made in America. In the future I will compile a list of links to foreign made toys.

I would also like to take a minute and highlight an online store that has amazed me with their extensive collection of American made toys as well as their affordable prices. That store is A Toy Garden. All though they offer toys from other countries as well, they have over 200 products made right here in the USA! Simply use their search function and type in “USA” and all of the choices will come up. I was oohing and ahhing at almost every toy and they are the first store we are going to start our shopping at. I am so excited to get some of these products in our home and so happy to start supporting more work at home families.

If you manufacture toys made in America or are an online site that provides them and would like to have your site added, please contact me and I will add it to the list. I am only listing toys made in America at this time. Please note that almost all of these sites also offer toys made from other countries as well, I have tried to link to their American made sections.

LIST: Check back often. I will be updating this as I have time to find more sites…

***Please go to this link: HERE for an updated list***

A Toy Garden – My favorite. Type USA in the search function

U.S. Made Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – North Star Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – Unfinished Natural Wood Toys

D and Me – Handcrafted Wood Toys & Quilts

Turner Toys – American Classic Toys

Nature’s Crib – Educational Wooden Toys

Our Green House – Toys Made in America

Arts in Heaven – Ohio Amish Toys

Willow Tree Toys – Toys Made in America

Pristine Planet – Wooden Toys

Fat Brain Toys – Toys Made in America

Other Resources:

Keep in mind that another way to find wonderful, high quality toys is to look locally. Check your phone book or put out an ad on Craigslist that you’re seeking local wooden toy makers.

Hyena Cart is also a place where work at home moms (WAHM’s) advertise their creations.