The Big Trade


Today was a very big day in our household. It was the day of the Big Trade. I had decided that it was high time that Camden got rid of her last pacifier. We’ve gotten rid of pacifiers many times in this house. Many times. Yet somehow, like magical dust bunnies, they turn up again and again.

Camden has always adjusted really well when we’ve gotten rid of them but she found a pacifier again about 2 months ago and she took to it with a lot of gusto. A bit too much gusto. The whole talking with it in the mouth gusto. Not cool.

I let her keep it around until after our camping trip because I figured out that it comes in really handy for keeping her happy (and quiet) on long car trips. Well the trip is said and done and the more time goes by the more inappropriate it seems for her to have one.

I decided she could make a trade. She would get rid of the pacifier and in turn she could pick out a big girl toy from Toys R Us, a toy of her choosing. So we drove to Toys R Us today and she sucked away at it one more time. When we got to the parking lot she very bravely and happily tossed it into the garbage can. Whew. That was easy.

She picked out a Lots to Love Baby that included an interactive bath tub. She loves it. Baby accompanied us to Costco after her purchase and then came home for a few baths.

We did have an incident on the way home where Camden pinched her finger in the buckle of the baby’s car seat. She wailed from her car seat and requested her pacifier.

“We don’t have it anymore” I reminded her.

“Oh no!” She said “I threw it in the garbage can!”

“Yes, you traded it for your new baby Remember?”

“Yeah. I have a new baby and she takes baths!”

“Can we get a new pacifier?” she asks through tears.

“No. Do you know any other little girls with pacifiers?” I ask hoping to show her she will manage just fine without one.

She thinks. “Nope.” She says finally. And we leave it at that.

Good-bye pacifier!

Disclaimer: I am very aware that pacifiers are not a very AP thing to have around. I am a big pro breastfeeder and infact am still nursing my daughter. But we found our pacifier to be very necessary when she was a baby. Just wanted to throw out there that I do not support pacifier use when it is used to replace attention, suckling or comfort that the child should be getting somewhere else.


One comment

  1. Beth · August 23, 2007

    NICE – and her baby is VERY cute!

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