5 Year Anniversary


Today marks 5 years for Mike & I. Mike like’s to say “Seems like foreeevvveerrrr” in his sarcastic manner. He just likes to act tough and that’s okay by me. He brought me a beautiful bouquet of colorful roses and tomorrow he took the day off work so we can spend the day as a family at the local fair. He’s been working seven day’s a week, 12 hour days for the last month, so the poor fellow needs a break.



  1. Beth · August 25, 2007

    Happy anniversary – may there be many more!!

  2. Chandra · August 25, 2007

    So what a great maid of honor I am forgetting your anniversary! I even talked to you on the phone today!!! I’m so sorry. Happy Anniversary Jess. Marriage is hard, but worth it no matter what. We learn as we go, don’t we? WE will change our family from here on out. Our children will have a different story :)
    Love you guys…

  3. Nicole · August 24, 2007

    Congrats on 5 years! My dh and I will celebrate 5 in May of ’08! I know the sarcastic tone of foreverrrrr as well…..lol…..Cheers!

  4. Sharon · August 24, 2007

    Beautiful picture! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Emeth Hesed · August 24, 2007

    Congratulations!! And hey, that’s a beautiful picture of the two of you!! Thanks for posting it!!

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