Stupid Neighbor


Well we had quite the adventure last night. We were lying in bed at a quarter to eleven, watching TV and heard a loud glass sounding crash in the back yard. Mike grabbed his gun and ran to investigate and I looked out the window to see the neighbors behind us lights turn off 2 seconds later.

Turns out the teenage neighbor boy behind us threw a plate at our house and it shattered glass everywhere. We called the cops and waited for them to arrive. Mike waited in the backyard for the kid to come back outside and scope out his work, which of course he did. Mike scared the crap out of him by shining the flashlight in his face as soon as he got near the fence (he didn’t know Mike was in the yard). Mike asked why he was throwing stuff at our house and of course the boy denied it. Mike told him he could explain it all to the cops. When the police officer got there the first time the boy turned off all the lights and hid so the cop had to leave. Five minutes after the cop left all the lights came on because the mom got home, so we called the police officer back to the house. After the officer left we could hear the mom screaming at the boy for over an hour. It was entertaining.

This is not the first time we have found stuff in our yard. There have been eggs, toilet paper, garbage and other miscellaneous junk. What’s worse is that this kid is a Level II sex offender for Child Molestation (removed link since it gave his address and essentially shares mine). And until we catch this kid in our yard or have proof of him doing it in the act there is nothing we can do. Our legal system is quite grand. Maybe it’s time we invest in a motion detected camera.



  1. Ca1v1n · January 31, 2009

    Never had a neighbour throw a plate at my house. There was a kid who lived next door who used to pee in the backyard on a regular basis and once at another house I had a 6-pack of beer fly over the fence when the parents arrived home early to find their teenage sons having a bit of a party.

  2. journeytocrunchville · October 25, 2007

    That is a really good point! I am taking down the link. That sufficiently creeped me out. :)

  3. alana · October 25, 2007

    just thought i would put it out there in case you didn’t think of it, but the link you give to his sex offender site show’s where he lives. you’ve already said he’s your neighbor so you’re showing everyone on the www where you and your precious daughter live. i would be worried about other crazies out there tracking you down. its just what came to mind when i saw it. take care and be safe!

  4. kashifalvi · August 29, 2007

    funny but sad in away….this kid needs help.

  5. narziss · August 29, 2007

    Seriously freako kid…

  6. Lisa · August 28, 2007

    Praying for your safety and that God keeps all workings of evil AWAY from you and your family. Seriously…how viable is the option of getting a LARGE, ferocious-looking dog to patrol the back yard???? Boxers are fabulous with kids, but they oftentimes will scare strangers, as they can appear similar to a pit bull from a distance or in the dark. There was one on craigslist that needed a new home.

    This one looks like a sweetie…she’s in Benton City:

    You see what I mean about them looking intimidating?! LOL


  7. Beth · August 28, 2007

    What a dork! Remember that time I saw him snooping around your house and he said he was looking for a bird?? What a jerk!!! And yeah – WHERE are his parents?? If I were you I would go have a chit chat with his mom.

  8. Laini · August 27, 2007

    Man ANd I thought, I had stupid neighbors!

  9. Chandra · August 27, 2007

    Unbelievable. You need to do a stake out for sure. This kid needs to be held accountible for what he is doing. How sad…a kid. What the heck are his parents doing???? Yikes.

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