Toys Made in America – Part Two

Elves & Angles Kitchen

Toys Made in America: Just the list

**New links are at the bottom in bold**

A Toy Garden (Put “USA” in the search field)

U.S. Made Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – North Star Toys

Tiny Bird Organics – Unfinished Natural Wood Toys

D & Me

Turner Toys

Nature’s Crib

Our Green House

Arts in Heaven

Willow Tree Toys

Pristine Planet

Fat Brain Toys

My Grandma Lucy – COMING SOON!

Uncle Goose

American Toy

Toys From Time Past

Cubby Hole Toys

Roy Toy

Soft Blocks

Tag Toys


Wisconsin Wagon Company

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Moon Marble

Wikki Stix

Elves & Angels

Whittle Shortline Railroad

Barclay Blocks

Down to Earth Toys

Other Resources

Here is another website with links dedicated to products made in America. It has A LOT of resources: Made in the USA

The following websites contain many businesses run by work-at-home-moms (WAHM’s). Their products are handmade and made in America. Purchases also directly help out their families. It’s a wonderful way to support the “little guy”:

Hyena Cart


Better yet, open up your local phone book and see if you have any local toy makers in your own community or place an add in the paper or on Craiglist and search out someone willing to make toys for you. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to actually meet and shake hands with the person that makes your children’s toys?

Even super better? Make your own! There are countless sites dedicated to helping you learn how to make your own toys.

Good luck!

(Just in case you are wondering, that beautiful kitchen at the top is made by Elves & Angels and is the kitchen we purchased for our daughter…we can’t wait to receive it!)



  1. Ashley · February 17, 2011

    Hi there, I stumbled across this just today while searching for toys made in the US after discovering some of my daughter’s wooden toys are made in China. I have been checking out the links you’ve provided and there are some awesome toys I plan to get! However, the link you provided for “Future Heirlooms” takes me to an adult site. Not sure if the company went out of business since you posted this, but right now that web address shows adult content. I just thought I would let you know since your lists are coming up in current Google searches.

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  3. Sonya Bingaman · September 29, 2008

    Thanks for listing us in your Made in USA resource list. We take great pride in offering a large selection of wood toys, handmade dolls, kits, and treasures made in the USA, mostly from small family run companies. Most of our wooden toys have no finish at all, some have food great oils. We love to offer US made toys made with love and care by real people – to our children. Thanks for your support, Sonya, owner,

  4. Rachel · March 12, 2008

    Great list! I’m linking back to you also.

  5. Wooden Toys · January 26, 2008

    I use Whittle Shortline Railroad products….very popular and good quality.

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  9. Linda · November 9, 2007

    It is such a shame that it has taken the threat of harm to our children through the recent recalls to awaken us to the wonderful toys and products that are still produced in this country, the USA.
    Visit my Squidoo lens at to see more about the wonderful world of toys still made in the USA.


  10. Dale · November 6, 2007

    It’s good to see more and more websites and blogs promoting USA Made products!
    It’s about time we “restore the pride” that our parents and grandparents fought so hard for.


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  12. Carrin · September 27, 2007

    We are opening up Down To Earth Toys because of all of this that has been happening (hoping to be up by Nov 1st). Our blog is at Please add me to your list if you don’t mind.


  13. JV · September 5, 2007

    Thanks! Sharing with my forums for moms.

  14. Kristin · September 4, 2007

    Awesome! Thank you!

  15. ruthanne · September 3, 2007

    for people who would like to buy local AND wooden, you might want to consider checking out your local waldorf school, if you have one nearby (check out

    many of them have bookstores/resource centres that sell locally crafted wooden toys.

  16. Lisa · August 31, 2007

    This is for little Miss C ;) Thanks for coming over to our house!!! Did you wooden kitchen come today?? I’m excited to come over and see it when it arrives at your house :) Okay…this is for mommy now….

    Another REALLy great site for handmade items; really gorgeous stuff, totally my style :)

    I love the art prints by Jen Corace; the mushroom tea set is adorable too. The lady who makes Bambolette dolls does SUCH nice work and her granny knits the dolly sweaters :)

  17. journeytocrunchville · August 30, 2007

    Well yes, of course. It is up to the consumer to make educated decisions about the products they buy. Almost every company has a contact number where further questions can be asked. Purchasing a product in the U.S. doesn’t make any guarantees. Like any purchase, you are almost always better off buying as local as possible. Not only are you increasing your odds of higher quality (in most circumstances) but you are reducing the impact to the economy and the environment.

  18. AB · August 30, 2007

    Thanks for all this information. Of course, keep in mind that just cuz something is “Made in the US”* is no guarantee of product safety. It probably reduces the risk of lead paint and increases the odds that the workers who made the product are paid at least minimum wage and work in relatively safe conditions, but lead isn’t the only thing that is dangerous about toys.

    *NOTE: I didn’t say “in America” because Central and South America and Canada are part of America too.

  19. mama k · August 30, 2007

    awesome! I am linking back to you.

  20. jeremy · August 29, 2007

    wow, thanks for the list. I’m glad there’s still toys being made in the US.

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