Mothering Challenge #241


We were on our way to the grocery store to buy some much needed groceries when I was presented with Mothering Challenge #241. I believe we’ve all had this one. We were halfway to the grocery store when I noticed my little one was awfully quiet. Too quiet. Oh no! I pull the car over and peek behind me. Just as I suspected, she’s asleep.

An invisible slip of paper is before me and I quickly overview the challenge: sleeping toddler vs need groceries. I begin my calculations of statistics and probability. Statistically speaking my daughter is a crab if I wake her up and probably she will scream her head off in the grocery store. Hmm. Going grocery shopping doesn’t sound too appealing right now. Let’s keep evaluating. Statistically when my daughter falls asleep after five pm it is no good for me because she will probably be up until midnight. Hmm. Letting her sleep doesn’t sound too good either. Unfortunately, there are countless variables that I must consider before arriving at my decision: need food., a needy tired husband, tired mom, shopping carts don’t push themselves, toddlers don’t come with mute buttons, illegal to leave sleeping child in car, that was an enormous waste of gas and effort to put shoes on.

I enter all of this into my mothering challenge databank. My head hurts. I look again. Still asleep. Oh, look how sweet…but not if she wakes up. Another invisible piece of paper floats before my eyes. I open it. Procrastinate.

Aha. Mothering Challenge #241 is solved with Mothering Solution #1. And you thought mothering was hard.



  1. titus2woman · August 30, 2007

    HA HA HA HA! LOVE IT! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Leeanthro · August 30, 2007

    I probably would have pulled over and tried to rest myself. Then again, my toddler never falls asleep in the car.

  3. Beth · August 29, 2007

    LOL – this was great!

    You forgot Mothering Solution #2 – drive through McDonalds and get ice cream. This works to buy you time while she is sleeping OR to quiet the crying child :)

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