Rubber Ducky You’re the One…


You Make Lead Poisoning So Much Fun!

Did you really think the recalls were over yet? Don’t kid yourself. They’re not. Like the Energizer Bunny they are going to keep going and going and going… (you get the point).

This time the lead recall is for a watering can in the shape of a duck. Another children’s product. Recall is HERE




  1. Momofjodanlin · September 29, 2007

    Same for me! I have three rubber duckies that are made in China. Got them as a shower gift. In the trash they go.

  2. Laini · August 29, 2007

    Sigh, I don’t have this watering can, but I have the plates and cups that are in this line. I know they aren’t on the recall, but in the trash they went.

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