Fisher Price Bongo Band, Geo Trax & Mattell Barbie Recalls


Well, at this point I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. With every recall I feel more satisfied with my decision to ban China made toys and cheap, plastic toys from our household.

I spent over 5 hours in our garage today sifting through toys and other items for our upcoming garage sale this weekend. I am not sad to see all these toys go. I feel relieved and have a sense of pride in having found within myself the ability to detach myself and my daughter from the constant message to consume, consume, consume. I am scrutinizing each new purchase in our home and I am learning a lot.

Today, my daughter’s set of blocks came in the mail. They are fabulous and the maple smells wonderful.

I will update pictures of our garage sale at the end of the week.


For the complete list of recalls I have compiled go HERE

Fisher Price Bongo Band Toys: HERE

Fisher Price Geo Trax Locomotive Toys: HERE

Barbie Accessories Toys: HERE


*** For a list of wooden (and other) toys made in America go HERE

*** To petition congress to ensure that food & toys are made safely go HERE (consumers union link)

*** To sign up to receive emailed notification of recalls from US Consumer Products Safety Commission go HERE


One comment

  1. Leeanthro · September 5, 2007

    Thanks so much for posting about the recalls. Please keep it up. I’m so busy these days with my return to work, my toddler, and baby that I don’t get to watch or read the news.

    I’ve already decided to go with a much smaller Christmas this year. Don’t know if I can escape toys from China, but I hope we can find a few things made in the USA.

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