Hershey’s Gives A Kiss Goodbye


About 23% of Hershey’s employee’s will be losing their jobs soon thanks to a plan to move one of their manufacturing plants to Mexico. The Oakdale, California plant has been in operation since 1965 and will cease operation by the end of the year, just in time for the Holidays. How sweet. All 575 jobs at the plant will be lost but overall an estimated 3,000 employees will lose their jobs including about 900 employees from Hershey, Pennsylvania. But don’t worry, the move to Monterrey, Mexico will save shareholders millions of dollars annually and really that is what matters right?

I will be thinking twice before purchasing my next Hershey’s product.

Full article here: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/7915536.html



  1. Laini · October 3, 2007

    Good thing I have never liked them in the first place!

  2. Carrin · October 2, 2007

    Yuck! Guess I’ll have to start making my own chocolate too! LOL

    Linking to you….

  3. Beth · October 1, 2007

    Yeah – when Hershey offered Jeff a job – 2 weeks ago – and we heard about this – he politely declined. Then we found out they wanted us to live in Mexico for 1 yr..lol… umm no.

  4. chandra · October 1, 2007

    Our country is going to pot. We are so cheap and do not care about anything but money. Greed is going to get the best of us in time. These other countries are going to rule us one day, and it will be our fault. Thats it. I’m moving to Africa!

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