She Must Have Been Tired

So, this was just so cute that I had to share. My daughter was finishing the last of her weaning party cake while I was trying to get us ready for a weekend trip to visit family. I was loading bags in the trunk, wearing a 6 week old in a wrap and talking on the phone with a friend (gotta love multitasking). After awhile it dawned on me that my daughter hadn’t followed me outside to help yet and it had been a good 10 minutes. I decided to go inside to see what kind of mischief she was getting herself into when I discovered this…

Notice the dropped fork

…and no, she has NEVER fallen asleep like this before. I thought this was something kids only did on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Oh drats! Why didn’t I record her sleeping. Oh well. Instead I snapped some pics and then carefully carried her to her bed.



  1. Laini · October 15, 2007

    Wow she is OUT! Kaleb once fell asleep leaning over the ottoman.

  2. jenni · October 12, 2007

    One night dh decided to see how long ds would last if left to his own devices (ds was about 2). DH put on a loooong movie and just let ds play…he said ds ran and ran and ran…and then, while running across the room, he just fell over mid-stride. Thankfully, he landed on a throw pillow. :-)

  3. Leeanthro · October 11, 2007

    That’s hilarious! Did she come crashing down after a sugar high?

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