The Problem With Agency…

Is that it can lead to this…

I have a child who chooses her own clothes and dresses herself. Most days work out ok. Others can lead to this. As long as it is modest I try not to pass judgement. I tried so hard not to laugh at this outfit but it happened anyway. I really need to purchase her a button that says “I dress myself.” And these boots were purchased for under jeans. Not that it matters to my daughter. LOL.

Here are some more marvelous outfits she has chosen over the last couple years:


And my ultimate favorite…

The plus of this is that at least when she is older and she looks back at pictures and comments about how bad I used to dress her I can look at her with a clear conscious and say “Sweetie, you took care of that all by yourself.”



  1. Beth · November 6, 2007

    Mom – Cami is just ahead of you with the fashion trends! Those boots are TOTALLY skirt boots – ask any teenager!

  2. AmericanMum · October 22, 2007

    I actually like her outfits :)

    The weirdest one I ever heard of someone who was grocery shopping and saw a girl who insisted on wearing a pair of pants as a hat.

  3. Brianne · October 19, 2007

    So funny! I love the outfits. I can’t wait until Kaylin can dress herself so I can see what gems she comes up with.

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