Bumbo Recall


So, have you heard about the new Bumbo recall? Here’s a thought. How about don’t leave your child unattended. Most especially, don’t leave them unattended when what you are leaving them in doesn’t have a 5 point harness. Eventually your child will learn how to get out of the seat. It is probably best that when that magic day occurs they are not 3 feet off the floor when you are in another room. That is what I have to say about that. Perhaps then a recall wouldn’t be needed. There is also a lot of controversy on this seat due to other reasons but I don’t have the time to go into that now. I haven’t really formulated an opinion on them either way. All though they do seem mighty convenient but then again one always has to wonder at what cost…

Recall HERE



  1. usedBaby Car Seats · May 5, 2009

    The article is excellent.Thank. I just have to copy it :)

  2. yendor yeldarb · March 30, 2008

    I am with Beth, Rudolf Steiner is with Beth as well. I never thought it should be convenient to raise and nurture a child. I always think of it as a blessing and a gift.

  3. Beth · November 6, 2007

    Well this might be the unpopular stance – but oh well.

    Anyone who has researched infant development knows that you don;t put a child in a position they cannot get into themselves (sans car seats of course). The damage you do by sitting them up, before their spine and muscles are ready for them to do it – is terrible.

    This goes for any device that you stick your child in that they could not do on their own. Babies are meant to lay down, or on a person (I.e. babywearing) – not being at up or “walked” by the arms before they are ready. Why we insist on forcing babies to develop before they are ready is beyond me.

  4. Julie Makovec · November 1, 2007


    First let me mention I love the Bumbo seat. I think it was the best invention for my daughter. It was great at feeding time and when we were reading to her. This product allowed her to sit up and join the world before she could sit up on her own.

    After reading about the recent Bumbo Recall or new ‘news’ in the media, I’m astonished. Though I probably should not be with how our society is ‘pointing the blame’ at everyone else but themselves.

    These video’s and people who are complaining should be turning the table to look at there own parenting. Whose fault was it that the kids were left unattended? The parents. Whose fault was it that the child got hurt? The parents.

    We as PARENTS need to stand up and be accountable for our actions, not point the blame at someone else. I’m a young first time mother and my common sense said that when my daughter was able to sit up on her own and started crawling that she had outgrown this seat and she was moved to the floor to crawl around. She was then secured into a high chair to eat. Common Sense People!

    I just wanted to say you have a great product and I have been raving about this since a friend sent me the link to your site. These people need to think about the full situation before running to scream how bad something is.

    This is an Awesome Product!
    May God Bless this Country and the People in it!

    Ft. Campbell, KY 42262

  5. Dan Keeney · October 31, 2007

    I’m a representative of the manufacturer. As a couple of the posters noted, a baby can get out of the Bumbo. That is a fact and it’s why we warn that parents should be attentive when a child is in the Bumbo. A small percentage of babies simply don’t take to it and do everything they can to get out. We understand that and it’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Other babies get out of the seat as they grow stronger and develop physically. In these cases, a parent needs to use their best judgment regarding when to retire the Bumbo. It may no longer be an appropriate tool. Some parents celebrate this as another milestone for the baby. Others get frustrated or scared or they aren’t close enough to catch the baby, resulting in bumps and bruises. Even on the ground. The real issue seems to be that about 12 percent of parents (according to our ongoing survey at http://www.bumbosafety.com) didn’t realize their baby could get out, probably because 14 percent had not noticed the warning stamp on the product. We’re working to change that so parents know to take the necessary precautions — never place it up high and never leave a baby unattended — even when it’s on the ground. Thanks!

  6. kari mccarthy · October 30, 2007

    The recall isn’t to send the seat back. It’s to get a new safety sticker telling you not to leave the child unattended, etc. More importantly, Eva is right…you don’t have to leave the child unattended or on a counter to risk them hitting their head…hard…on the floor. And frankly, it’s too tempting when–she’s sitting all nice her chair playing–to walk across the room for the remote or answer the phone. You know that’s the moment she’s gonna to crash, and if I’m not within 6 inches and active attention when it starts to happen, I’ll never get there in time. Bummer. It was cute and handy little thing.

  7. Eva · October 29, 2007

    Not every parent leaves their child unattended. My son, at 6 months old, and well under the weight limit of the Bumbo, fell back words with one quick movement. Luckily i was there to catch him before he hit the floor. And yes i had the seat on the floor, which is a flat surface. I admit that some children fall out of the seats because they are left unattended, but there are also some incidents in which the parent is close enough to “save” the child from hitting the floor.

  8. Beth · October 26, 2007

    My son had now outgrown his Bumbo. As soon as he looked like he could tip the whole thing over I stopped using it. I must admit, though, it is tempting to use it on the counter while emptying the dishwasher. Here’s my take:


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  10. Jen · October 25, 2007

    I am so in agreement with you…check out our blog at http://www.momappeal.com

  11. Tara · October 25, 2007

    I wont be returning mine.. I loved it when DS was just starting to be able to sit up a bit… But we dont use it now that he moving around and walking.. What gives parents thinking its a stay put piece of furniture.. If you child can sit up GOOD on there own then there is no reason to use this seat??? Some parents…. Ugh.. They make a wonderful invention go sour.

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