Just wanted to drop in and say that I may be out of commission on the blog for a bit. Early Friday morning before going to bed I started experiencing severe upper abdominal pain. Finally at about 3 am I conceded I needed to go to the ER. Initially we were told to go home with some pain meds and I was diagnosed with some bacterial virus stomach bug thing (my head is too fuzzy right now and my husband isn’t here to remind me) which they said would go away on it’s own. I was told to come back in 12 hours if the pain had not abated. It didn’t. We went back to the ER at 2pm on Friday. It took a long time to diagnose because we had to rule out pregnancy (we’ve been TTC) before I could do any CT scans to diagnose appendicitis. We ruled our pregnancy and then after an “oil change” (as my husband fondly calls it) and two different CT scans later I was diagnosed with “probable” appendicitis. I was in surgery a few hours later. After surgery our doctor confirmed that I did indeed definitely have appendicitis. We were released the next day at noon. Recovery is amazingly fast but I am extremely tired. The pain is actually minimal. I am a little nervous about the biopsy for some reason but that should come back fine. Anyway, if anyone has some helpful knowledge on aiding my body back to recovery and also on things I can take to help my body cope with missing my appendix that would be helpful. I feel a little snowballed into this surgery but I’m not sure there was an alternative to having it removed. Besides, at this point, what is done is done. Now I am just wanting to know why it happened. I don’t buy that it is a random occurrence that is unpreventable and what I can do to help my body cope without it.

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful friends who have arranged meals for my family and to Emeth who cared for Cami while I was in the hospital. I am very lucky indeed.





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  2. Haley · November 9, 2007

    :( Ouch! I hope you recover quickly, and get your energy back soon!

  3. journeytocrunchville · November 7, 2007

    LOL. Lisa, I totally thought that was a spam comment until I read who it was from. LOL. I am almost feeling back to normal. Just tired by about mid-day but I was able to stay up to watch my favorite show (House) last night.

    AmericanMum, thanks so much for your comment. It was really nice to hear from you and meant a lot from me to have an “almost” stranger reach out to me like that. I can’t wait to meet you! :)

  4. Lisa · November 7, 2007

    So how was your day today??? Its amazing how good you look…………. :)

  5. AmericanMum · November 6, 2007

    So sorry! I have no wise words for you regarding appendectomy, other than I no longer have an appendix myself and have never noticed any problems. I’ve been meaning to email you back and figure out a time when we can get together…just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. I was going to offer to bring food but it sounds like you are well covered…but if you do need anything at all let me know. (That sounds trite and flippant, but I do mean it with all sincerity…really, anything you need, just holler…)

  6. Beth · November 6, 2007

    Oh my goodness! I hope you feel better soon! Cami is welcome over here if needed for you to have a break!

  7. Brianne · November 5, 2007

    I hope you feel better quickly! Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips for you except that you need to make Mike and Camden take care of you :-).

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