Aqua Dots Recall


All though there have been many recalls over the last several days I really want to take a minute to highlight one recall in particular. The recall for Aqua Dots. This product poses a very serious threat to children who swallow them. Apparently, once the beads are swallowed a chemical reaction can occur and the effect is the same as the “date rape” drug. The two children that have had reported reactions so far have both recovered but both required hospital visits. This is a very dangerous toy that needs to be removed from your home immediately. Even if your child doesn’t normally put toys in his/her mouth it really isn’t worth the risk. I’d also be concerned with less noticeable reactions of children who handled the toys and didn’t wash their hands afterwards. Eventually those hands would wind up in their mouths or handling their food. I wonder what a more mild exposure/reaction could do.

Here is the formal recall on Aqua Dots

Here is a list of recalls lead based recalls from China

Here is a list of American Made Toys.


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