Many New Recalls – Lead Based Toys & Aqua Dots


Well, apparently, the lead testers were quite the busy bees while I have been out of order. I had lots of recalls to catch up on. The Aqua Dots is the most disturbing recall to me. Please make sure you get rid of these if you have them.

Here are the recalls:

Children’s Sunglasses (lead) 11/8 –

Curious George Doll (lead) 11/8 –

Aqua Dots (chemical that reacts like date rape drug) 11/7 –

Toy Cars from the Dollar Store (lead) 11/7 –

Toy Robot from Schylling (lead) 11/7 –

Duck Music Box from Schylling (lead) 11/7 –

Spinning Tops (lead) 11/7 –

Duck Family Toys (lead) 11/7 –

Toy Dragstar and Cars (lead) 11/7 –

Wagon (lead) 11/7 –

For a complete list of lead and magnet based recalls go HERE.

For a list of toys made in America go HERE.



  1. Donna Moffett · February 1, 2008

    Why does the US continue to bring these deadly toys into the U.S? Are we going to let China kill our children? Let’s boycot everything made in China!

    My grand baby was just diagnosed with high lead poisoning levels she is only 2 years old. Is anyone going to prosecute anyone in China for killing or permanently harming our future, our children, our grandchildren?

    Let’s quit talking about these lead based toys let’s do something about it!!!!!

  2. AmericanMum · November 12, 2007

    We were given those Aqua Dots as a gift a couple of weeks ago for my son’s fifth birthday. I’m pretty sure my daughter had a couple in her mouth before I caught her. Needless to say the whole thing is in the garbage can…scary stuff.

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