Losing Naptime

Camden has begun transitioning away from nap-time. I’m not a big fan of this transition but what’s a mom to do? She is in the stage where her body very much needs a nap (as well as her attitude) but some internal clock of hers is pretty insistent that she’s a big girl now and doesn’t need naps. Except for days like these where she passes out, out of sheer exhaustion.

I am still laughing about the below situation. I was finishing up some homemade lasagna when Camden popped herself into the baby swing (yes, I know it’s not AP) that we have. She is normally told that she is not allowed to be in the swing but I had a mommy cave moment because she snuck in there while I wasn’t looking and made me crack up seeing such a huge child in a baby swing. She pretty much knows if she can make me laugh then she is ok. So, she is swinging away pushing herself with her feet on the floor. I enjoy the bliss of finishing dinner and cleaning the kitchen without interruption. Then she asks for me to turn the swing and the music on. I almost tell her no. Then I think, what the heck, and turn it on for her reminding her she’ll need to keep her feet up so that the motor won’t stop. I looked away for 3 minutes tops and this is what I find.


Here are some cute pictures from last week when she fell asleep on the floor eating lunch and watching Pocahontas while I was doing laundry.




  1. Beth · November 20, 2007

    That little mama is a woman of her own mind – and here it appears her little mind needed a rest!

  2. Brianne · November 14, 2007

    Hilarious :-).

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