Catching up on Lead Based Recalls


Taking a minute to catch up on the lead based recalls that I haven’t had a chance to post.

Boppy Slipcover Recall (lead) 11/21 –

Children’s Pencil Pouches (lead) 11/21 –

Big Lot’s Children’s Metal Jewelry (lead) 11/21 –

Children’s Necklace and Earing Sets (lead) 11/21 –

Children’s Bracelets (lead) 11/21 –

Children’s Metal Necklaces & Bracelets (lead) 11/21 –

Michael’s Recalled Jewelry (lead) 11/21 –

Discount School Supplies Paintbrushes (lead) 11/21 –

Family Dollar Stores Metal Jewelry (lead) 11/21 –

Hobby Lobby Halloween Baskets (lead) 11/16 –

Complete List of recalls HERE

List of American Made Toys HERE


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