Environmentalism at the Extreme

I’m all for reducing the impact that my family and I have on the environment. I’ve still got a long ways to go but this is far too extreme for me. It saddens me that people would view children in such a negative light but at the same time I am happy that these people have chosen not to breed. What kind of world do we live in when we give a higher credence to the well being and safety of trees and animals but will end a child’s life without a second thought or a moment of remorse? Why do the trees and animals have a right to existence more than a human? Why not teach that child how to live in a way that minimally effects the world in a negative way and teach them to proactively advocate for the environment? Another point that irked me? If you are going to be so extreme in your stance on children and how their existence is such a burden to the environment don’t go around justifying your trips around the world on an airplane because you are vegan and childless. I call your B.S. If you really cared oh so super much about the environment you would choose to forgo your pleasure trips as well.

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  1. Beth · December 6, 2007

    She justifies her long haul trips because she is vegan and childless – thus using less fossil fuels..lol

    I always try to say, “Hey whatever works for you – you go on with your bad self.” – but even she is a little over the top for me.

  2. AmericanMum · November 26, 2007

    Perhaps an extreme case of tokophobia? I do understand that some people don’t want kids and regret that the doctors did nothing to help her wishes, but aborting a child to save the environment? Great blog entry here: http://observantmidwife.blogspot.com/2007/10/helen-mirren-tokophobia.html I think that she might be suppressing some fears about children or pregnancy or labor or control or sexuality or something else.

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