Research Smesearch

Here is a study that claims a person’s initials may impact their life in unconscious ways. Such as baseball playing and GPA’s. Perhaps it can also affect someone’s lunacy. Such as Leif Nelson’s ability to formulate a reliable study. Well his name does start with “L” so we really can’t blame him, can we?

“Studies” like these are living proof that:

A: You can prove anything you want with enough money, time and if you look hard enough

B: Our economy can support funding studies such as these but not thousands of other studies that may actually save lives or lead to a better society. Nice.

C: I set my daughter up for mediocrity with a name like Camden. But then I redeemed her with a middle name of Ashley. But then I threw the whole thing off with a last name that starts with “R”. However, she is super cool by having initials that spell CAR and will inevitably lead her to an occupation as a female car salesman.


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