Princesses, Pajamas, Spelling & Alien Babies

Camden has mainly adopted two styles of dress. Footed pajamas and a princess costume. It is rare that she wears anything else unless I force her to “get dressed”. But who could blame her?

Here is Camden in her regular princess attire. Today she says she is an “Island Princess.” This is thanks to the commercials which are rotting her poor little brain.

I asked her if she’d smile and I got this sassy look instead….

Camden spelled her name this morning with an alphabet puzzle. She did it all by herself. I admit I was impressed. She will be 3 on Christmas Eve.

Note the pajamas….



And here is the baby that we fondly refer to in our house as the “Alien Baby”. This is the doll that Mikayla toted around for years. I think only to embarrass us. What is it about this ugly doll that they find so endearing? Mikayla used to take this doll with her everywhere she went. It was a used doll from Grandma’s house (thanks Grandma). Finally, one day Mike and I hid it in a closet. We wanted to save it so we could show Mikayla how hideous it was one day. Well, Cami saw the baby one day when we were unpacking a box and it has been in her possession ever since. These pictures really don’t do justice to the doll’s ugliness. It is a nice sickly greenish color in real life.



  1. journeytocrunchville · November 28, 2007

    No the white marks are from the innumerable times Alien Baby’s head came into contact with the wall under Mikayla’s care. Some sort of magnetic effect or something. So not only is Alien Baby ugly but quite possibly lacking in IQ as well.

  2. AmericanMum · November 28, 2007

    Is that some sort of yeast infection on Alien Baby’s head? LOL

    (For what it’s worth – I’m laughing with you – you should see my son’s “puppy” – shudder)

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