Merck is Caught Dumping Chemicals in Pennsylvania

Merck is having a really bad week.

Today a settlement was announced with Merck with the EPA and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Merck was caught dumping potassium thiocyanate (KSCN) which reacted with the water supply and caused extensive fish kills in the Wissahickon Creek in June and caused them to stop their drinking water intake for several days and any recreational use of the creek. They also got caught dumping spent substrate and cleaning agents in August.

Merck will be paying out 1,575,000 in penalties and $10 million to put into place systems that will prevent future dangerous discharges at their facility. They will also be spending approximately $9 million for extensive environmental projects.

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  1. Lisa · December 15, 2007

    The Wissahickon Creek isn’t some far off place for me. I lived close by and drove around there all the time. Its located in suburban Philadelphia, amidst groves of large maples and hardwoods, historic brick buildings, schools, parks, etc…….oh yeah……and Merck. Its pretty much common knowledge that you don’t touch or drink the water from the Wissahickon.. This isn’t the first time, by far, that Merck has done this. The Wissahickon supplies 40% of Philadelphia’s drinking water. How many people drank polluted water before the intakes were turned off??? There’s a cancer specialist in Hershey, Pennsylvania that my mom has had conversations with………he has seen a wildl disproportionate amount of children with new cancer diagnoses coming from that area of the state. Do we have to wonder why………….

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