A Natural Cure for the Cough


My friend Shelby shared with me a most amazing natural cure for a cough. Raw honey! And I was impressed that it actually works! My daughter picked up a pretty nasty and mucousy cough that keeps her hacking away at night and sounding like she is going to gag on her sputum. We had been giving her B&T Children’s Cough & Bronchial Syrup (which is natural, by the way) but it didn’t really seem to be doing much for the cough. Funny, it wasn’t until after I started giving her the raw honey that I realized that B&T’s also has a honey base.

So, the first night I gave her a spoonful of raw honey (which she was not very excited about) and literally she only coughed one more time (10 minutes later). It was wonderful. We have now used it occasionally over the last few days when she can’t seem to nix her cough (she doesn’t mind taking it now). There is a tremendous difference in her cough as soon as we administer the honey.

Plus you don’t need to worry about nasty side effects or what kind of chemicals/dyes they are ingesting along with the medication. And parents have need to worry. Not too long ago there was an overall recall for any infant cough and cold medicine. Interestingly the recall is only for children 2 and under however doctors have admitted there is a risk to children as old as six.

Here are some links on the benefits of raw honey which tastes so much better than store-bought honey (which I can barely stand).







  1. Jan Hunt · November 18, 2011

    A teaspoon of raw honey also works wonders for a tummyache!

  2. Karley · December 12, 2010

    A great place to get Raw Honey is http://www.soothinghoney.com

    The bee keeper is a 12 year old girl. She has excellent product

  3. Anonymous · October 16, 2010

    Just wanted toadd that adding lemon to the raw honey also works or even better, Hot tea with natural honey and lemon. Side note, DO not add any cream to the tea (lemon and cream do no mix)

  4. Leilani · January 5, 2009

    Oh, I have had an awful cold and have had trouble getting better. I’m definitely going to try it. Thank you so much! I have raw honey in my kitchen and I agree, it DOES taste way better than regular honey, which I will agree again, is not very good. Thanks again!

  5. Eva · July 16, 2008

    I am def. going to try this on my 7 yr. old daughter.I have a bottle of raw honey in the kitchen! I had no idea. She has a really thick cough at the moment and it’s true those over the counter concotions don’t really help at all!
    Thanks for the tip!

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  7. Beth · January 29, 2008


    You are a lifesaver! That honey you gave me is amazing! My kids have NOT developed a taste for it yet – lol – but it works.

    Where did you get it?

  8. ladonnamobile · December 17, 2007

    My mother was raised by a Christian Scientist who used this remedy all the time–it sure worked on me as a child! Still, I sometimes forget and pull out the sticky red stuff–thanks for reminding me of this! :)

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