A Message to Washington State Voters: Ron Paul

Dear Fellow Washingtonians,

The presidential primary election is fast approaching. By now, you’ve heard the moderate pitches from three of the Republican candidates. But there is also a strong conservative in this race. Congressman Ron Paul is a defender of the Constitution, the unborn, and our national sovereignty. He is a devoted follower of Christ, an Air Force Veteran, and has been married to his wife Carol for 51 years. Please take the time to learn about this brilliant statesman – the man Judge Andrew Napolitano calls “The Thomas Jefferson of our day.” For more information, including videos, visit http://ronpaul2008.com right now.

Already a supporter? Visit http://RonPaulWA.com to help us win Washington State for Ron Paul. Then, forward this to every conservative you know.

– Life
Ron Paul is an OB/GYN, and has delivered over 4,000 babies. He is endorsed by Norma McCorvey, better known as “Jane Roe” in Roe v Wade. Norma later converted to Christianity, and became a pro-life activist. In her endorsement of Dr. Paul, she said “His voting record truly is impeccable and he undoubtedly understands our constitutional republic and the inalienable right to life for all. Ron Paul is the prime author of H.R. 300, which would negate the effect of Roe v. Wade.”

– Liberty
Barry Goldwater Jr. is a former U.S. Representative, and the son of Senator Barry Goldwater. While endorsing Ron Paul, Mr. Goldwater made the following statement: “Ron Paul believes in preserving your liberties, your freedom from excessive taxes, your freedom from excessive regulation, your freedom of privacy, and your right to be left alone.”

– Economy
During ten terms in Congress, Ron Paul has never voted for an unbalanced budget or a single tax increase. He refused his government pension, and returns to the treasury any extra money from his office’s budget. “Ron Paul is the only candidate of any party with the courage and the insight to address the most fundamental issues of economic liberty – which is fundamental to human liberty.” – Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics, LLC

– Faith
From Ron Paul’s statement of faith: “I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator.” 2004 Constitution Party candidate Michael Peroutka says: “The only candidate who comes close to having an American Biblical view of law and government is Congressman Ron Paul.”

– Defense
Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from active-duty military personnel and his fellow veterans than any of his opponents. He advocates a strong national defense, while opposing nation-building and undeclared “police actions.” Former President Ronald Reagan said that Ron Paul is “one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.”

– Borders
“A champion of American sovereignty, he believes in borders and our future as a nation state. He will end illegal immigration and birthright citizenship. He is the only candidate who outright opposes any formation of a North American Union.” – Jonnie Crivello, National Organizer, March For America

Please make the decision to stand up for Ron Paul. Visit http://RonPaulWA.com to learn how. Then, forward this to your conservative friends and family. There is Hope For America. Together, we can win Washington State for Ron Paul.



  1. KatIsSavedByGrace · February 18, 2008

    I know this is old, but way to go for posting all about Ron Paul! I’m a huge supporter and fan of his. I’m really disgusted by the media’s obvious propaganda against Ron Paul. They’ve virtually killed his campaign by painting a picture of him being “unelectable” and a “crazy”. *sigh* Right now, I just hope he continues to focuse on being reelected for his State House of Reps, so he can keep spreading his message-which is what is so powerful. Come 2012, people will already know who Ron Paul is and if they haven’t woken up by then, there’s no hope.

    Anyway, glad to see another mama for Ron Paul! Take care!

  2. Aaron Wakling · February 6, 2008

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

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