Growing, Changes & Blogaphobia

Well, it’s high time I post and announce that we are expecting baby number two! We are very excited and feel very blessed to be able to welcome another baby into our family. I am a little more than 14 weeks along now and am due near the end of August. We had an ultrasound done at 10 1/2 weeks (that’s where the pics are from) to assure myself that we weren’t having twins (I was convinced we were!) and of course, we are not. Mike and I have also decided not to find out the gender this time. I am really excited about this. We are also seeing an excellent midwife by the name of Sherry Dress. She just celebrated her 60th Birthday and has delivered over a thousand babies and her knowledge is astounding. We will be having a homebirth with this baby and preferably a waterbirth. I’m sure our families will have fun with that news. Camden is soaking up the limelight of being able to be a big sister. Up until yesterday she was very adamant that we were having a baby girl. Yesterday, she changed her mind and decided she was going to have a baby brother. She did accurately predict the gender of my good friend, Emeth’s, baby-to-be as a boy. So, we will see. I have felt the first fluttering’s of the baby moving and that is fun. I am excited for when the movement will pick up and become more constant. I experienced some nausea and food aversion during the first trimester (which I hadn’t experienced at all with Camden) but thankfully that has completely passed. Ironically enough I have only lost weight so far with this baby – no complaints here. I didn’t take any belly shots when I was pregnant with Camden (which I regret) so have started taking them with this pregnancy. Here is me at 14 weeks. Excuse the ugly shirt.

Mike and I have also decided to sell our home. Various factors in life are making finances more difficult if not impossible in being able to afford our home. We also want Mike to be able to go back to school and get his engineering degree so that he can become an Electrical Engineer. We are going to attempt to sell our house as a For Sale By Owner. We were given hope by my friend Shelby and her Mike when they successfully sold and will close on their house this month. With the wiggle room we have in equity a FSBO seems to be the only logical choice. If we go with an agent we will have to continue to pay off on a loan we don’t even have a house to and that would be no fun. Once we sell the house it looks like we will be doing the apartment living thing again for awhile. Not fun, but better than being financially stretched to your limits every month. We will stick around here until the baby is born and then it looks like we will be migrating yet again. We really need to find a way to stop being nomads. We keep promising each other we will not move again and yet we seem to be moving every 1-2 years. We have never lived in a place together for more than 2 years. It is getting to be really obnoxious. But that is life I guess. No one stays put anymore. Goodbye House. Goodbye Friends.

So this blog has taken quite the back seat for awhile. I like to call it Blogaphobia. It starts innocently enough; an illness, life is busy, etc but then it just becomes this dreaded thing. I fell so far behind with so many drafts of unpublished blog entries that the whole thing just seemed to be an unaccomplishable mound of trying to sort through old ideas and memories. So instead I will just side-step and start anew. So, here we go.

Other news in life:

-Camden is starting to eat like a normal person. Hooray! As much as I didn’t want to create standoffs about food it was getting to be too much. She was becoming picky because she could and because I’d let her and not because she didn’t care for the food. We adjusted to allowing her to choose breakfast and lunch (as long as we’re at home) and that dinner was a family meal and is what it is (I of course serve at least one thing I know she loves). So dinner is no longer an option of what we’re having or what you’d like. It is just what we’re having. She has to try it, she doesn’t have to eat it. If she doesn’t want it then she can have cold cereal and that’s the only option. When she gets big enough to make herself a sandwhich she’ll be welcome to do that. Those changes alone have pretty much solved the problem. That and less snacking. I just had these horrible visions of preparing 5 different meals when all of the kids were grown and having children that were just as picky as my husband. I’ve also applied the same rule to my picky husband. If he doesn’t like it he’s welcome to cereal. Since starting this meal swap group though, he has gotten much better about his pickiness. Mostly I’ve learned that asking for his opinion on what he’d like for dinner is absolutely hopeless. His answer is a typical “I don’t know” or a “I like pizza.” As much as I’d like to make husband pleasing meals 5 1/2 years have taught me that I’d be trying for a very long time or we’d be dining at Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Papa Murphy’s for the rest of our lives (which wouldn’t be very long at that rate). So now we just serve healthy meals and I have a take it or leave it house.

-Mike’s brother just got back from serving a two year mission in Russia. We are excited to see him and hear his tales.

-Mike is becoming a hippie. It is quite the transformation and darn near hilarious. He is beginning to deny it less and less. Just earlier this month he went off of his acid reflux medicine (all his idea) and tried to treat his reflux naturally with Aloe Vera Juice. Granted the quality of the juice couldn’t have been that good because it was from Wal-Mart so it didn’t completely work but he did notice his stomach hurt less from either not taking his meds or because of the juice so we are looking for a more affordable and higher quality aloe vera juice. He also got in trouble at work for refusing to do a number of invasive medical tests (including multiple full body x-rays) in order to work at a high security nuclear site. They like to do all of the tests so that they have a nice before/after evaluation to cover their butts should someone mysteriously come down with cancer after working at a nuclear site. He stood on his principles of not undergoing medical procedures unless medically necessary and he took a hit for it: 3 weeks unemployment. I guess the head honcho called him this week and told him that he needed to go out there. Mike’s conceded. He says you can only stand on principles for so long when you have to pay bills. I am just shocked that he even took the stand. Pretty proud of him actually. He likes to say he’s gone over to the “dark side.”

I think that sums up our life right about now.

Oh yes, and Camden is sick. She has a fever ranging from 102-103 and threw up last night. I hope this passes quickly. Her baby velcroness did allow for her and I to watch Pride and Prejudice at one in the morning last night so that is a bonus, I guess.



  1. journeytocrunchville · March 17, 2008


    Thank you so much for the information. I am going to get this stuff for my husband. He gave up on that aloe because he said it tasted like dish soap plus it wasn’t a very good quality (from Walmart) so he wound up back on his meds. He said he wanted to find better Aloe. This sounds like a great regimen.

  2. Ana · March 17, 2008

    Kudos to Mike for ditching the acid reflux mediine! Regarding treating acid reflux naturally – three things have worked for me:
    1) probiotics (I take PB8 from Nutrition now, expensive but SO worth it)
    2) Aloe Vera Juice – best brand is George’s Aloe Vera, when cold tastes like water
    3) DGL tables instead of Tums. DGL=Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, best tasting brand is Planetary Formulas, still not great tasting but WORKS much better than Tums & helps heal the stomach lining.
    You can get all these at Luckyvitamin for much cheaper (that’s where I buy them).
    Good luck!

  3. Brianne · February 25, 2008

    Oh my, you guys have your hands full. I hope Camden is feeling better soon and that all continues to go well with your pregnancy. We’re trying to sell our house right now too, it can be such a pain at times. I hope you can sell quickly. And hopefully you all can move back to the west side of the state so we can see you and your cute babieS more often!

  4. the driftwood collector · February 24, 2008

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, and good luck with selling your house!

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