Autism: Larry King Live with Jon & Terry Poling, Press Release

Larry King Live Interview with Jon & Terry

Larry King Live Discussions about the Case

Link to more video:

Here are some videos covering the Larry King Live interview with Dr. Jon Poling and his wife Terry Poling, the parents of the little girl that recently had a Vaccine Court concede her case connecting her autism diagnosis with the vaccines she received as a toddler.

Some observations:

* I find it interesting that these parents still wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the standard vaccine schedule. They admit that they are not safe for everyone but when being interviewed by Larry King they share no sentiments to parents that they should be cautious or fearful of vaccines when given in the currently recommended fashion and timetable. It causes me to wonder if these are their true sentiments or if this is somehow related to the requirements of the concession itself or if other big dollars and pressure is under these comments.

* The case was conceded before a trial was ever held. In other words, the family never had a chance to present their case to trial in May as originally designed. Then the case was sealed so that the information being presented could not be made public.

* From what I have heard two theories were being presented in the case. The first theory is that the mitochondrial disorder was a genetically predisposed disorder that was aggravated by the vaccines that the child received. The second theory was that the mitochondrial disorder was caused by vaccines, namely thimerosol. However, the case was conceded before trial even began and then the details sealed from public view. It makes one wonder if the theory they were presenting (theory 2) had such compelling evidence to suggest that vaccines itself created this mitochondrial disorder that they felt it imperative to settle the case and seal the records before it could be properly presented and therefore leaked to the public. They purport that the information is being sealed to protect confidentiality, however the parents of the child have shared that they wish the case to be made public.

*All in all, my spidey senses are telling me that there is much more to this case than has been shared. Why on earth would the government want to pay out on a case that not only undermines the vaccine industry but sets a potentially devastating precedent in vaccine court lawsuits. I smell a rat.

I mean, come on. Do you really expect parents to just roll over and swallow the whole We’ve conceded this case but vaccines have nothing to do with autism, keep on about your business. Seriously? I know there are the sheep parents that will hear these statements and accept them at face value. But how can you honestly expect parents not to be suspect of something amiss? Yes, we conceded a case that puts autism and vaccines in the same sentence. But no, you can’t look at the evidence, we’ve sealed it. Don’t worry this doesn’t affect you or your children. Keep on vaccinating. Nothing to look at here. Trust us, we’d let you know if vaccines were a danger.




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  2. journeytocrunchville · April 1, 2008

    Tommy, No one is debating that some of the diseases that vaccines were created for can have devastating and sometimes deadly effects. It is not a light decision to be made. Those of us who choose not to vaccinate or to selectively vaccinate hardly do so for the reasons of being “unique.” I’ve never met a parent who arose at their vaccinating decision with that as a factor. However, the fact that vaccines have the intention of eradicating these diseases does not mean we should roll over and not question their safety and efficacy and not push for safer vaccines and more research.

  3. journeytocrunchville · April 1, 2008

    Jay, There is a statute of limitations for I believe 3 years in regards to filing a claim for vaccine damage. The legal process is different than other lawsuits. I would consult with a lawyer familiar with vaccine law to see what your options are.

  4. jay londo · March 27, 2008

    I have a autistic son who seemed normal until he was around two and got a bunch of shots. He has not been the same since he’s now seven and wouldlike to no if theres any class action suite that we could join in. any help we would be thankful for

  5. journeytocrunchville · March 23, 2008

    Denise, my own daughter was highly affected by dyes and other chemicals in typical processed foods that we have since eliminated from her diet. In fact, I write about this a lot. I applaud you for finding the source of your sons behavioral and emotional issues and I am always so amazed at the drastic turnarounds that children can have from simple diet changes.

    I do think, though, that it would be unfair to attribute all cases of autism as a direct link to chemicals in the diet just as I would see it as unfair to attribute all cases of autism/add/adhd as a direct link to vaccines.

    I think many of these issues are multi-faceted and probably don’t all have one specific cause.

    I do whole heartedly agree that the quality of food sold in todays supermarkets, school lunches, etc is awful and something needs to be done.

  6. Denise · March 23, 2008

    I don’t believe it is vaccines at all. I went through 9 years of pure hell with my son. He alternated between slight symptoms of autism, ADD and just outright emotional disturbances.

    To make a long story really, really short. It was just the food. Or to be more precise, the chemicals in the food. Especially food dyes.

    We went totally organic 1.5 years ago and he has not had a single violent episode since. He has not been booted from school even once. I have not received even one phone call of misbehavior.

    I do think there was some kind of permanent damage done though. He struggles in school and gets frustrated easily, especially with writing and math.

    But I wonder if its just typical, normal child stuff now or maybe it’s because he missed so much of early coping skills and social skills building due to his violence and spaciness.

    All I know is that within one-two weeks of removing chemicals from my son’s food, he was a new child.

    I used to fear for his life. I used to fear he would end up hurting someone and living in prison. Now I just worry about him pulling up his grades.

  7. Tommy Bahama · March 22, 2008

    I have a very close relative who currently is suffering through post polio myelitis. His life is slowly deteriorating along with his ability to play sports, recreate, run, and even walk. This relative contracted Polio at a young age and spent much of his childhood in a hospital and an iron lung. His life has been altered immensely by this horrible disease. He is the lucky one. His sister who also contracted this terrible illness passed away at a very young age after living her short life confined to a wheelchair.

    A few years ago an astute scientist and physician in the eastern portion of the united states developed a vaccine for the disease known as Polio. The illness can be avoided altogether with the administration of this vaccine. My relative who continues to suffer from polio, and I’m sure his sibling who has passed, would want nothing more than to have avoided this disease in their lives.

    Now, if you want to risk your childrens health and perhaps their very lives go ahead and don’t allow them to be recipients of advances in health care. Contrary to popular beleif there are many physicians in this country who seek to aid society in obtaining health and avoiding disease. Don’t take their work for granted, and please think of the health of your children and not your selfish desires to be unique. Vaccinate your children!

  8. Andrea · March 20, 2008

    Thanks so much Jessica,
    Wow, so are you planning on homeschooling…if so props to you. Your smart too so I am sure your capable of it.
    Gosh that makes me not sound smart, but I’m pretty sure I wont be homeschooling, but I have respect for those who can do it.
    Anyway, your advice is perfect…thank you so much. I will take all that into great consideration.
    Take Care
    oh and by the way I have soo been wondering how your pregnancy has been going…how far along are you now and how are you feeling…any baby kicks…oh I am so excited for you! Gosh I should just email or call you…I’ll have to do that.
    by for now

  9. journeytocrunchville · March 18, 2008

    Aww, thanks Andrea. Pray about it. Then go from there. A few thoughts of my own not intended to sway your choice (because it is up to you and your family) but things that have helped with my decision(s). You can always catch up on vaccinations later, you can never take them back. Camden was not in daycare so that eliminated some of her health risks. I chose to breastfeed Camden for an extended period which also put health factors in her favor. Her allergies appear to be in recovery and even her mainstream allergist attributes that to me nursing her until she was nearly 3. If you do choose not to vaccinate it is highly recommended that you nurse until at least the age of 2. It helped me to read, read, read. Granted this has been a long process. There is only so much research you can do when raising children. Learn about the diseases that we vaccinate for and what those diseases are, what the symptoms are, how to treat them, etc. For me it is important to understand and be as familiar as possible with the diseases should my child contract one of them. Most of them are usually quite harmless (though not always fun) to healthy, non immuno-compromised individuals. If it were me, and I chose to vaccinate again, I would wait until age 2 or 3 and do one vaccine at a time and do no combo shots. I would do some prep before hand to boost their immune sytem and follow up the shot with other immune system boosters. I would also be selective in which immunizations I give for many different reasons including the degree of seriousness I view the disease and also some of the ingredients within them.

    I have not written vaccines off completely and irrevocably because I don’t feel I’ve done enough research yet to make that choice. However, I have absolutely no plans to vaccinate her in the near future and I will not be giving this baby any vaccinations either.

    As for public school you can seek waivers. However, we don’t intend on using the public school system anyhow.

    Oh, and she did display reactions to her previous vaccines but I was told they were all normal. At her 2 month vaccines she slept for 12 hours straight afterwards. It was scary because she never slept for more than an hour or two at a time, under normal conditions. She also had fevers with each vaccination. After the 4 month shots, and each subsequent one after that, she threw up after them. I kick myself a lot now but what can you do?

  10. Andrea · March 18, 2008

    This is very interesting Jessica!
    I feel a bit of sensitivity to my boy Rylec since he was born…that he may be more sensitive to food or vaccines as well. Of course you know how I was struggling the first few months. Well he is over that phase, but now we are struggling with him suffering from some eczema and severe cradle cap. He seams to have sensitive skin and just seams to be sensitive to who knows what in his environment. I feel like I want to be on the side of caution with vaccines.
    How did Camden respond to the vaccines before she did the 12 months vaccines?
    And do you plan on eventually getting her caught up to have them later…maybe before she enters public school.
    I’m debating about what to do for Rylec.
    Thanks…your so cool

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