Salad, Coconut Oatmeal Cookies & Painting

Here is Camden snitching from our salad. Something I thought would never happen…

Over the last 6-9 months Camden’s pickiness had become painfully obnoxious. I didn’t even realize how bad it had become until I stopped to realize that wherever we went Camden had a separate meal unto herself and that she never quite ate what we ate (unless it was pizza). Not wanting another picky eater in our family (my husband is very picky) I decided enough was enough. I never wanted to police the food scene in my house but I realized it was that or be a short order cook from now until forever.

Our rules are basically as follows:

* You must try it

-You don’t have to eat it all but you do have to try it. I don’t believe in the “eat it till it’s done approach

-We enforce the “try it” rule even it’s been eaten before. Tastes change. If over time it is very obvious this is a disliked food we’ll let it go.

*No more separate meals

-You eat what we eat. I do make sure that there is at least one food being served that I know she likes.

-Breakfast and lunch are typically her choice unless I am making something specific and then we go to the standard rules.

-If the food is legitimately tried and is not liked then the alternative is cold cereal and milk

They are painfully simple rules and amazingly that is all it took to solve the problem. The first few days she protested but we just remained consistent and *poof*. She is doing really well. Here is Camden enjoying our lunch of salad, grapes and cantelope.


After lunch we decided we hadn’t baked cookies together for a long time so we made some Chocolate Chip Coconut Oatmeal Cookies. YUM! Here is my mini-baker at work.


While they were baking she decided to paint. She loves to paint these days and it is fun to see how her paintings change from month to month. She is starting to explore with the form her painting takes now rather than just experimenting with color combos and filling up the paper.


Cookies are done!


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