Up to 1 out of 50 Children May Be At Risk for Autism

Below is some interesting information in the recent developments of the vaccine-autism link.

The following information was shared in a conference call between the CDC, several leading experts in vaccine research and executives in America’s Health Insurance Plans to discuss childhood mitochondrial dysfunction and its potential link to autism and vaccines.

Undoubtedly more developments will be coming up over the next several months. Thank you so much Adventures in Autism for staying on top of this. This blog is such a wealth of information that narrows down my internet searches. David Kirby is the source who broke the information on this conference call.

Here is the full article. Here is the PubMed Portugal study that is getting the CDC to take notice (full abstract HERE)
Here are the bullet points of David Kirby’s article broken down into a more easier to understand manner:

“I realize my Huffington essay was rather long and complicated. Here is a brief synopsis of just SOME of the larger points raised in the piece. I will probably alter this a little, but it hits most of the main topics. Please feel free to circulate – DK

Up to 1 in 50 children (2%) may have a genetic mutation that puts them at risk for mitochondrial dysfunction.

● Up to 20% of all children with autism may have an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction

● Children with mitochondrial dysfunction are more likely to regress into autism between the ages 1 and 2 years, if they have fever or illness from viral infections or vaccines.

● The CDC is aware of this difficult situation and is taking measures immediately to address the current national vaccine schedule.

● The genetic susceptibility for mitochondrial dysfunction in autism is inherited through the father, not the mother, as previously thought, and is not rare at all.

● The DNA mutation might not be enough in itself to confer cellular dysfunction, and many doctors believe there is an environmental trigger as well.

● They note that thimerosal, mercury, aluminum, pollution, pesticides, medicines and prenatal alcohol exposure have all been shown to damage mitochondria.

● Other doctors believe that a corn-byproduct based diet in America has put children in a constant inflammatory state, thus making the DNA mutation more pathogenic.

● While some children with mitochondrial dysfunction regress into autism following fever and illness from a viral infection; other kids, like Hannah Poling, clearly regress following a reaction to vaccines.

● The exact percentage of people with vaccine induced autism is unknown. But even a 1% rate could mean 10,000 Americans with vaccine related autism, at a cost of many billions of dollars for lifetime care.”

**Also interesting. Of the 30 children with regressive autism that were screened ALL 30 of them had the same biochemical markers as Hannah Poling (the one they say is such a rare situation).

“The biochemistry of 30 children was studied intensively, and in each case, the results showed the same abnormalities as those found in Hannah Poling, participants said. Each child had moderate elevations or imbalances in the exact same amino acids and liver enzymes as Hannah Poling.”

** Autism: The Musical ** HBO has just released a new documentary called Autism: The Musical. It is streaming for free on HBO for the next week if you care to view it.


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