Where did Spring go?

This weather is really starting to peeve me off. This time last year we were all ready heading off to the local parks on a daily basis. Normally it is in the low to mid 60’s this time of year. Yesterday and the day before there was hail and snow mixed. Nothing that sticked of course, but c’mon?! We live in the desert and it is officially Spring so this is just obnoxious.

Today looked promising. It was sunny, there was no wind (we get A LOT of wind here), beautiful blue skies and low 50’s. Camden and I decide to go to a nearby park and eat our lunch there. We pack up some snacks and head out. We go to the post office first and then to the store to grab a few items. By the time we get to the park it is windy, raining and completely cloudy and soooooo cold with the wind (with wind chill about 10 degrees). Bah! Camden is crying and upset, I’m annoyed. What does a mom do?

Well, we brought Spring inside. We decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries to cheer us up. Boy did they ever. These were sooo good. Just melted some Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips in our double boiler, dipped the fresh strawberries, put them on parchment paper and then in the fridge to harden. Mmmmmmm


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