2008 China Recall List: Lead and Magnet Recalls


Here is a master list of the 2008 lead and magnet based recalls from children’s products coming from China. For a list of the 2007 recalls, see HERE.

To view websites that offer toys Made in America see HERE.

To view other recalls you can also click on the category tab on the right sidebar and choose the category recalls.

2008 Recalls

September 2008

9/30/08 – Toy Boats by Buzz’s Boatyard (lead)

9/25/08 – Toy Police Cars by TCB Imports (lead)

9/23/08 – Harry Potter Book Ends (lead)

9/3/08 – Pendants and Candle Charms (lead)

August 2008

8/29/08 – Bonne Bell Children’s Cosmetics (lead)

8/12/08 – Skirts by Chelsea & Scott LTD (lead)

July 2008

7/24/08 – Pacific Science Supply Magnets (lead)

7/24/08 – Horse Shoe Magnets by Dowling Magnets (lead)

7/10/08 – Lip Gloss and Jewelry Sets sold at Walmart (lead)

7/10/08 – Shoelace and Necklace Children’s Charms (lead)

7/10/08 – Parragon Books Children’s Necklaces (lead)

7/3/08 – Bead Bazaar Children’s Jewelry (lead)

June 2008

6/19/08 – Walmart Charm Key Chains (lead)

6/10/08 – The Children’s Place Camouflage Pajamas (lead)

6/3/08 – Daiso Children’s Jewelry (lead)

May 2008

5/29/08 – QuinCrafts Children’s Jewelry (lead)

5/27/08 – Batting Helmets by Rawlings Sporting Goods (lead)

5/22/08 – Floppy Friends Horse Toys (lead)

5/22/08 – American Scientific Magnets (lead)

5/22/08 – Sure Grip Paint Brushes (lead)

5/22/08 – Disney Tinkerbell Wands (lead)

5/22/08 – West Music Shaker Guiro Musical Instruments (lead)

5/22/08 – United Scientific Magnets (lead)

5/22/08 – Disney Pirate of the Caribbean Sleeping Bags (lead)

5/20/08 – Little Rider Toys by Master Toys & Novelties (lead)

5/1/08 – Lowes Children’s Storage Bins (lead)

April 2008

4/29/08 – Nintendo Lapel Pins (lead)

4/18/08 – Walmart Charm Keychains (lead)

4/16/08 – Push Toys by Santa’s Toy Group (lead)

4/10/08 – Seasonal Writing Pens from Michaels (lead)

4/10/08 – Funtastic Fake Teeth (lead)

4/9/08 – Toy Robots by OKK Trading (lead)

4/8/08 – Magnetic Dart Boards (magnets)

March 2008

3/26/08 – Educational Insights Ring Toss Game (lead)

3/25/08 – Downeast Concepts Water Bottles (lead)

3/21/08 – Hobby Lobby Easter Egg Containers and Spinning Egg Tops (lead)

3/20/08 – QVC Toy Puzzle Vehicle Sets (lead)

3/18/08 – Galison/Mudpuppy Wirebound Journals/notebooks (lead)

3/17/08 – Mega Brands Matastik and Magnetix Jr Magnetic Toys (magnets)

3/17/08 – Mega Brands Magnaman Magnetic Action Figures (magnets)

3/13/08 – Battat Magnetic Construction Sets (magnets)

3/12/08 – Dollar Stores Toy Airplanes, Cars and Motorcycles (lead)

February 2008

2/22/08 – Pecoware Children’s Metal Necklaces (lead)

2/22/08 – Riverside Publishing Children’s Memory Testing Cards (lead)

2/14/08 – Mission City Girls’ Bracelet Sets (lead)

2/8/08 – Netshops Wooden Children’s Table and Chair Sets (lead)

2/7/08 – Korea Recall: Pendants and Candle Charms (lead)

2/6/08 – Children’s Sketchbooks (lead)

2/5/08 Downeast Concepts Toy Gardening Rake (lead)

January 2008

1/31/08 RR Donnelley Classroom Reading and Math Aides (lead)

1/24/08 Wooden Block and Train Sets (lead)

1/24/08 RR Donnelley Educational Assessment Blocks (lead)

1/23/08 OKK Trading Toy Racing Cars (lead)

1/17/08 Cranium Cadoo Board Games (lead)

1/16/08 The Gift Wrap Company Picture Frames (lead)

1/16/08 Discount School Supply Play Mats (lead)

1/15/08 AA of America Toy Wrestler Figures (lead)

1/10/08 Kash N’ Gold Tinkerbell Lamp (lead)

1/10/08 TJ Promotions Coin Banks (lead)

1/3/08 Tricam Industries Toy Wagons (lead)

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5 thoughts on “2008 China Recall List: Lead and Magnet Recalls

  1. Hi! My name is Olivia S. im 9 years old. I dont think China and HongKong did yhis on purpuse to make kids to get sick. Nabey they egnoor them or drag there feet or even they think lead is not poison or just didnt know that they were using lead.

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