A Trip Down Camden Lane – The First Year

The hormones during this pregnancy are really getting to me. I am an emotional teary mess much more than I remember being when I was pregnant with Camden. A lot of it is the realization that Camden is no longer my baby. I have been organizing and organizing thousands of pictures (and deleting…did you know you don’t need 10 shots of the same picture…I never knew) that have been taken over the last three years so that I can make Camden’s baby book (via blurb.com) before the new baby arrives. Looking back over all of the pictures was fun but also completely depressing in some weird way. When I looked at the pictures I felt like I was grieving this lost child. Now I know that is silly but that is how it made me feel. I wanted to reach back into the picture and take back the moment. I’m sure there is some psychosis definition for what I’m going through (Ginger, want to give it a crack?). I’d call it an O.D.P.M (Obsessive and Deranged Pregnant Mommy).

Anyway, to make myself feel better I decided to have a Camden picture fest. Here are some pictures that I love of her first year. In progressive order, of course. The other adorable creature in the photo’s is her big sister Mikayla (my step-daughter). You will notice very few pictures of me. We don’t like pictures of me. The only pictures I like of me are my wedding photo’s and well, they aren’t digital.

A Trip Down Camden Lane – The First Year

Christmas Day: Proud Mikayla holding her new sister

A little over a week old

4 weeks old

Almost 2 months

2 months: Asleep in the carseat

2 1/2 Months: The day of her Blessing

2 1/2 months: Not sure why I love this photo but I do.

4 months: Notice the whale spout

Sitting up: 5 months

6 month picture

6 1/2 months

7 Month Picture

8 Month Picture

8 months: Hiking with Mommy

8 Months: First Pigtails

9 Months: Love this one

9 1/2 Months: Fall

9 1/2 Months: Another Fall pic

11 Month Picture

11 Months: Walking across the room (love the raised arms)

Some more walking…

11 1/2 months: Better Balance, she loved socks…

Her First Birthday: The Cheesy Grin (and yes that is red food dye)

I love that Cheesy Grin



Part two of A Trip Down Camden Lane will be coming soon to an obsessive mommy blog near you…



  1. Christen · April 4, 2008

    Aww…those pictures are so sweet! It’s funny to look at them and relate them to Dillon and what she’s doing right now! I LOVE the whale spout! It’s one of my favorite things to do to Dillon’s hair. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough hair on the side of her head to do pigtails like Camden did (what can I say, she’s got a sweet combover!). I love that you can tell exactly what Camden will look like in her baby pictures…so cute!

  2. Kristina · April 3, 2008

    I haven’t met a pregnant mommy yet who hasn’t gone through something like this. It’s just preparing for the idea of having to split your attention between two kids.

    I still wish I could have kept a real, little live version of Connor and Siena for every stage of their lives. And I’m constantly aware that I’ll mourn them for the stage they are in *right now* – which is a good reminder to spend quality time with them often.

    I can only share my experience becoming a mommy of two, but for me the transition from 1 to 2 was *SO* much easier than the transition from 0 to 1. I felt much more comfortable in my “mommy” role, and I’d learned so, so so much about parenting. (When Connor was a very small babe, I was still under the spell of the “you’ve got to get that baby on a schedule” style of parenting. *rolling eyes*

    Because I was more relaxed and had more survival techniques, parenting Siena as a babe was not only easier, but I was better at it, and it gave me more time with Connor.

    Then when they got a little older, Connor started to “play” with Siena – even before she could roll actually. He would bring her toys, “read” her books, etc. It really was charming – except for when he’d hit her over the head with a rattle – oy. And now they are such good friends and play together all the time. Sure, I’m a constant referee but I am so glad that I had two. :)

  3. Chandra · April 3, 2008

    I can totally relate and do not think it is only hormones. I get so upset when I look at Madelyn’s baby pictures. I cry when I look through her scrapbooks and I miss her so badly, as if she isn’t with me now! The same goes with Caki. She is getting so big and you don’t have enough time to treasure their every precious moment before they are on to new ones! That is what scrapbooks are for…remembering how wonderful each moment was and feeling so thankful for the time you had. AND being thankful for the moments yet to come…

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