5 Months Pregnant & Gender Prediction

Here is my 20 week pregnancy shot. I can’t believe I am all ready 5 months pregnant. It is going so fast. In a way I love it. I love being able to experience all the fun of being pregnant without it seeming to drag on forever. I really do love being pregnant and am thankful that I have such an easy time with it (crossing fingers things will continue uneventfully). Two of my friends have just delivered their new little ones within the last week and it is making me anxious to meet our own little one (not for another 5 months though, hopefully).

We are still not planning on finding out the gender and that makes this really fun. It’s a little harder holding out on not finding out since I know I could go in on any given day and have someone tell me the gender.

Just for fun I did the gender prediction with the wedding ring test. The ring goes up and down, which is supposed to mean boy, well depending on which website you look at. Babies heartbeat at the last appointment ranged between 148-152 bpm. I am confused on what I “feel” this baby is. I feel like it is a boy but that could be completely clouded over by our desire to have a boy. LOL. And again, my “feelings” told me I was pregnant with twins at the beginning of the pregnancy so I am not giving much credence to my gender intuition at this point. Statistically speaking there is a VERY good chance we are having another baby girl.

Anyone care to make any predictions?