The Power of Sunshine

A few weeks ago I opened the rubber maid tub of my daughter’s newborn baby clothes and gasped in horror. More than half of her clothes had awful yellowish brown stains all over them (they were stain free when I stored them). Apparently sitting in the tub for the last few years has allowed all of the spit up stains to rear their ugly heads. I lamented on what to do and how I was going to be able to afford new clothes for this next baby or how this poor baby would be looking very shabby if we were to have a girl.

Then, my friend informed me not to fear that all I needed was sunshine! That’s right, the power of the sun. She said all I needed to do was to wash the clothes and get them wet and then let them dry in direct sunlight. I was skeptical but hey, it was definitely worth a shot. I went to the store and spent a few dollars on some clothespins.

Now, I only wish I would have taken before and after photo’s. Because of my skepticism I did squirt all of the stained clothes with Shout first and then threw them in the wash. Some of the stains faded just with the wash but most of them were still there. I then hung them outside on a cheap freestanding clothes rack which kept proceeding to blow down in the wind which was really, really obnoxious. I couldn’t stand it up against the house because the sides of the house were in the shade. Finally, I got the bright idea to lay a large blanket on the grass and pin the clothes to the blanket and weight the blanket with some rocks. Perfect.

A few hours later I went to retrieve them and brought the clothes inside. I was utterly shocked when I inspected each piece of clothing and found that EVERY SINGLE STAIN WAS GONE. Gone. Just like that. Magic, I tell you! I stared at some of those onesies until my eyes crossed because I was sure that some of those stains still had to be there, but nope, all gone.

I am so excited to be able to save some of Camden’s current shirts that have become stained and tossed aside as “play clothes.” I’ve also heard that this method works just as well for getting stains out of cloth diapers. Something that will come in handy with this next baby, I’m sure.