Six Months Pregnant

Last Friday I was officially six months pregnant (24 weeks). The time is going by so fast. It will be fun to see all the new babies that will be making their debut this summer. One of Mike’s cousin’s is due this Summer with a little girl, two of my friends and my brother are all having baby boys in July. I also have another cousin that is expecting a baby in September. Baby weighs in at a little over a pound now and is a little over 12 inches long. You can feel and see the kicks from the outside but thus far only I’ve seen it because the baby decides to be real still anytime I try to show anyone else. Go figure. Overall this baby appears pretty mild – like Camden was during pregnancy. The pregnancy is very uneventful (which we love) and I really don’t have any significant pregnancy complaints. Mike, in his usual loving and affectionate (yes, that is sarcasm) manner usually addresses our encounters with “hey slim” or gives me a look of horror and shakes his head. Good thing we both have a sense of humor about that. At my last prenatal appointment at 21.5 weeks I was measuring 23 weeks and baby’s heartbeat was between 150-160 bpm.

We still are not finding out the gender and apparently that really ticks some people off, lol. One of my friends did a pressure point thing on my foot that is supposed to determine gender and according to that it is a girl…big shocker there. Despite every indication that we are most likely bringing forth another little princess into this world I keep inadvertently referring to the baby as “he”. We are also not being very productive in finding a name for this baby, which is fine, I like the idea of waiting to see what the baby looks like before we solidify any name. As always, Mike is set on naming the baby Garrett if it is a boy. Camden wants to name the baby James if it is a boy and we still have the tentative name of Kiera if it is a girl. But again, we’re not set on any of these names. Mike insists if we can’t name the baby Garrett it is going to be Bruce. Ugh. Um. No.

In other family rambles, life is going well. We are really, really, really hoping that our house sells soon. Like, really soon. We’ve had a couple people look at it and one family that was very serious and it was between our house and one other house but it appears that the other house won since we haven’t heard back from them. We have been so blessed to be able to make ends meet every month but I just wonder how much longer we will be able to pull that off.

Mike’s still working out at Hanford and his finger is healing well. He no longer has the funny looking white wrap around his finger and now we get to look at his revolting fingernail every day (which he tries to make me kiss, gross). We’re pretty sure his fingernail is going to fall off soon. He still walks around work and does nothing because the doctor has not given him clearance to work a full load yet and his work doesn’t want to have him out of work because that costs them more money in a “time loss” due to “disability” so he goes to work for 40 hours a week but does absolutely nothing. How mind numbing. At least he is getting paid though. Starting Monday he is at school (for his work) for a week and will be unpaid for that time, joy.

Camden is being Camden. She is really testing the waters these days and I have a feeling it will not go away anytime soon. To her, everything has the potential to be a debate and she thinks she is very tough stuff and tries to boss us around all the time. Most of the time it is really funny and we try not to laugh, the other part of the time it is exasperating. Yay for three.



  1. journeytocrunchville · May 6, 2008

    Brendan and Juliann :)

    And yes, the Reid boys are sooooo tender-hearted.

  2. Christen · May 6, 2008

    Don’t you love how sensitive those Reid boys are? It’s almost like they’re women, they’re so tender-hearted! hah
    I’m predicting baby Kiera will be joining the Reid family!! Can’t wait! By the way, who’s pregnant? Which cousin?

  3. journeytocrunchville · May 6, 2008

    Thanks. The constant picking up does get annoying but it is also refreshing to have such a clean house all the time. :)

  4. Brianne · May 4, 2008

    Good luck with the house. I know how hard it can be to keep it picked up all the time in case someone wants to come over and then they don’t want to buy it. Ugh. Hopefully it will sell soon!

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