Peanut Butter/Sunbutter Brownies

These pictures were taken from SmittenKitchen, where I got the recipe. I couldn’t get my pictures to turn out and these ones are beautiful, so here you go.

We are on a brownie kick, apparently.

Peanut butter brownies (in our case sunbutter brownies) were sounding so good and I stumbled across a fabulous recipe. I took them to a mommy gathering yesterday and I didn’t go home with any – so that is always a good sign.

I made half with the ganache and half without. It is good both ways but the ganache adds a nice touch and seems to give it the perfect balance. I prefer a lighter layer of ganache than showed in the picture, however. Very easy to throw together and they are full of yummy, yummy goodness. They are even better tasting the day after you make them. They are very rich so I’d cut them into small pieces. I love these stored cold in the refrigerator. It is the perfect balance of peanut buttery cholateyness.


1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened

1 3/4 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter/sunbutter

2 large eggs plus 1 large egg yolk

2 tsp vanilla exract

2 cups flour

1 1/2 cups chocolate chips (I like milk chocolate chips)

*1/2 tsp salt (If you are using something like Jiff or Skippy you can omit this, only use if you are using a natural type peanut butter/sunbutter because they have less salt)


1 1/2 cups chocolate chips

1/2 cup heavy cream (aka heavy whipping cream)

1 TBSP butter, softened


-Preheat oven to 350

-Butter 9 X 13 pan. Line with parchment paper and butter parchment (if you don’t have parchment just butter the pan)

-Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add peanut butter/sunbutter until it is incorporated.

-Beat in eggs, egg yolk, *salt and vanilla

-Reduce mixer to low and mix in flour until just combined. Mix in chocolate chips.

-Dough will resemble a cookie dough. Spread in pan and bake for 30-40 minutes (mine were done at 35). You want them golden but not overbaked or they’ll be too dry and crumbly. I’d say when the edges are a nice golden you can assume they are done.

-Cool completely with the pan on a wire rack (about 1 1/2 hours)

-To make Ganache: bring cream to a boil in a saucepan and pour over chocolate chips in a heat safe bowl and let stand one minute. Gently whisk in butter. Spread or drizzle over cooled brownies. Let ganache set and then cut and serve.



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  2. Beth · May 26, 2008

    Ok I found an error with your recipe.

    A serious big one.

    No matter about the salt – never EVER taste the batter! EVER – you will sadly have to make batch #2 to actually bake!

    HOLY COW – if the finished product is as good as that batter – these are amazing!!!

  3. Andrea · May 7, 2008

    Okay so I dont have the patience to make those right now, but oh my word you are torturing me, I cant stand it, I think I may just eat the screen.

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