This Too Shall Pass

At least that is what I keep telling myself. When Mike comes home from work now and politely asks me how I am doing (and even when he doesn’t ask) I morbidly inform him in an almost inaudible whisper, since my voice is nearly non-existent, “I think I’m dying.” Now obviously I know that is not true. I know there could be a million things worse with me but man, this SUCKS.

Sunday night I woke in the middle of the night with a horrendous sore throat. Monday morning it still hurt really bad but started to feel better once I got up and brushed my teeth, etc. In fact, I was feeling good enough to go to Emeth’s house and have a nice day with my other mommy friends and gorge on Red Veggie Curry and Sunbutter Brownies (yeah, we are living the hard stay-at-home-mommy life over here). Around 4 o’clock I started to crash. My throat started throbbing, my head started to ache, I knew I needed to get home. When I got home I decided to check my temperature and it was a little over 101. Ugh. I drank lots of water, took lots of vitamin C and probiotics and passed out on the couch. Mike was sweet and in a rare moment of thoughtful husbandness (he really should be getting a reward chart or something these days, he keeps shocking me) brought me a plate with fresh cut apples, cheese and an english muffin, without even being asked. Seriously, who put this man here and can I keep him? A call to my midwife helped reassure me that it was most likely viral and not strep throat. I decided to get some grapefruit seed extract to help my throat. Mike looked all over for it (look! another good deed!) and couldn’t find any of it in Pasco so I asked my friend Emeth if she would grab some for me at the Health Food store the next day. I took a spoon full of raw honey before bed and that helped a lot too.

I thought sleeping would go over well. Sleeping sucks. It gets worse at night. My throat was dying, my head killed and I still had the fever. In the morning I woke up coughing green slime. By around 10 o’clock, Tuesday morning, the fever went away and all though my throat was still sore and my voice was now gone, I was feeling a bit better. Better enough to do a bunch of laundry, take care of 3 kids and make a double batch of goulash (in our house that equates to spaghetti with macaroni noodles baked with cheese on top). By mid-afternoon Emeth was ever so kind to bring me the grapefruit seed extract. I put some drops in water and gargled it. It was very bitter. Around 5 o’clock I started to crash again. I noticed that I had some bad neck pain, the sore throat began to hurt again in full force. At least the fever was still gone. Mike was sweet enough to read Cami her bedtime story and he only made fun of me a little when I drooled all over the pillow when I fell asleep on the couch.

Tuesday night was not any better than Monday night. The symptoms get worse while I’m sleeping, as if being six months pregnant isn’t challenging enough on sleeping. This morning (Wednesday), I felt like I was hit by a truck when I got out of bed. My neck was killing me and I’ve lost most of my range of motion. My head aches, my sinuses are congested and I am constantly hacking up nasty green slime and of course my throat feels like I am swallowing shards of glass every time I swallow and my voice is gone. I’m glad my fever is gone or I’d be worrying myself over viral meningitis. I also have a bigger urge to cough all the time but it is a dry unproductive cough that makes my throat hurt even more. Mike was super sweet (again!) and made dinner tonight. Granted it was just waffles but he did it without being asked and he was kind enough to take Camden outside with him the moment he got home.

So, that is my unedited, woe is me post in all of its whiny glory. Apologies to those who actually read it all. LOL.



  1. Kristina · May 8, 2008

    must be going around…i’ve had a 101 point something fever since yesterday. been doing zinc and lots of ecinacha and throat coat tea and managed some chicken noodle soup for lunch. had to send grandma to preschool mother’s day tea…sob.

  2. Brianne · May 8, 2008

    That sounds awful! I hope you get lots of rest and that you feel better soon. I’m glad that Mike has been so helpful!

  3. chandra · May 8, 2008

    Oh my dear Jess. I’m so sorry you are so ill. You need some dear friends to come get Cami during the day and let you sleep it off. I wish I were there to help out :( Have someone make you some homemade chicken noodle soup with 50 gloves of garlic (slight exaggeration) and cabbage. I also like tons of pepper in it. Helps to soothe a sore throat and cough.
    LOVE YOU to pieces :)

  4. Christen · May 8, 2008

    You said it…as if being pregnant isn’t hard enough, right? Aww, I’m sorry you’re so sick! Hope you feel better soon!

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