Help Protect Co-Sleeping – Co-Sleeping Survey

I got this in my email inbox today. We were/are a co-sleeping family and so matters like this are dear to our heart. If you have ever or are currently co-sleeping please take a minute to fill out this very quick survey and be counted. Co-sleeping is not neglect.


Hello breastfeeding supporters and educators,

As you well know, the best food for a new child is
breast milk. You also know that not everyone believes
that fact. The formula companies have successfully
“separated” today’s woman from her breast, at least
mentally. The leaders of the La Leche League are
trying to undo this unfortunate shift of culture, and
we thank you for it.

As you may also know, many of these same “Big Corp”
interests are attacking the Family Bed saying it can’t
be done safely. They, for all intensive purposes, have
a firm grasp on America’s idea about the ONLY safe
place that a child should sleep, a safety approved
crib. Co-sleeping or bed-sharing can be an integral
part of most breastfeeding situations. It makes it
easier, which helps extend the duration. However,
there is a very real movement to officially label
co-sleeping as NEGLECT. This would be a major step
back for breastfeeding.

There are important bed-sharing guidelines that need
to be followed, and not omitted. Public health
departments and the general public are being bombarded
with news stories calling for the end of co-sleeping.
They say it’s dangerous and can’t be done safely. You
as a professional know different.

Help get the message out to save this beneficial
parenting choice. Please ask your successful
co-sleeping families to help prove something that Mr.
Big Corp would like to hide…that people can and are
co-sleeping/bed-sharing safely. is a 30 second survey that
allows parents who have or are currently
co-sleeping/bed-sharing to count themselves as safe
parents. The website has been live for under a week
and over 1000 people have signed up. Most of them are
breastfeeding women. This number is desperately needed
to prove that co-sleeping and bed-sharing can be done
safely and the only thing that needs to be abolished
is the discrimination against this valuable practice.




  1. Melissa from Pittsburgh · June 4, 2008

    Just finished the survey!

    Come to think of it; I don’t really know if anyone ever had anything positive to say about it while I was doing it … It actually made me feel better (and not crazy) to read the comments left by other people taking the survey. I always felt that people would think I was a lazy mom for allowing my kids to sleep with me, but it made me feel better and them too — weird that it has such negativity surrounding the issue. It is more natural … many cultures still do it.

  2. Melissa from Pittsburgh · June 4, 2008

    I DID IT and I was able to sleep when I needed to sleep while nursing. ALSO, the girls (both of them) were able to sleep better throughout the night … I think it brought us closer together (me and my girls). They both slept with me till about 18 months (they were both done nursing around 1 year). The youngest would come to bed with me every night around 2am from 18 months till nearly 3 years old.

    I miss those days and sometimes I crawl into my girlys bunk bed (the youngest is on the bottom) and snuggle her; can’t stay long as it’s the most uncomfortable bed on the planet (for me anyway). I miss them with me!

  3. Christa · June 3, 2008

    Hi! I am an AP mama of Triplets +2, and I love your blog. I am adding your blog to my blog. :) While I don’t BF them (I wish I could have longer, but there were alot of issues after the c-section of the triplets) I am an AP’er and I have AP’ed all 5 children.

    Oh, and I rotate all 5 kids in and out of our bed all night!!!! :)

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