One Good Reason To Complain On Your Blog

Well because it might result in you receiving something like this in the mail…

We received a brand new Toshiba Satellite L350 Laptop today in the mail. I was so shocked and excited and gleefully jumpy. Which looks kind of funny at nearly 8 months pregnant.

The laptop was sent as a gift after one of my readers read my last post complaining about my ancient computer and its lack of cooperation with uploading pictures and operating in general. I can not put into words how happy and spoiled I feel. This laptop is so amazing. Camden became quite upset when she learned this was not a package for her. I reassured her the ancient dinosaur would soon be hers as soon as we cleared our photo’s and other files off of it.

My friend Emeth and her husband Ben came over and helped us set up the wireless internet and so now I am up and ready to go. It is so nice to be writing the first post on my blog from the luxury of my couch. YAHOO! I am also happy to report that I am now the only waddling object in the house.

So, since it worked the first time I figure the following is worth a shot:

My car is really old. Sooooo old. 18 years old. My how convenient it would be if a 2008 Toyota Sienna showed up in my driveway tomorrow. Silver preferred. Closes eyes and crosses fingers. Hehe, just kidding.

Thanks again Mom & Dad.



  1. sandrar · September 10, 2009

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. gfcfmom · June 27, 2008

    I loved your post! I’m so excited for you being able to blog from the comfort of your couch!

  3. Brianne · June 27, 2008

    I’m so jealous.

  4. chandra · June 26, 2008

    Here, let me try….

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…a maid to wash my dishes, clean my floors and bathroom, and a gift card that would never run out to Target!

    I’m so happy for you Jess, you deserve it :)

    Props to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bernie :)

  5. Lisa · June 26, 2008

    lolol, no, no no……her mom and dad sent it :) Very, very cool. Any luck on that Sienna this morning???!

  6. aniche · June 25, 2008

    let me get this straight, a reader sent you a LAPTOP??
    i want one too. all i get from my readers are death threats!
    seems like ur little girl has already fallen in love with it :D
    i don’t blame her. it looks awesome!

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