Summer Fun

Mikayla is visiting for the next two weeks and we are so happy to have her here. We picked her up 4th of July weekend and the girls have been inseparable so far. Crossing my fingers that they don’t get too annoyed with one another. Little Miss Camden thinks she rules the world currently so I’m sure poor Mikayla will tire of her soon.

We’ve had a really fun week so far but I have been AWFUL about taking any pictures. Today is the first day I took any. On Monday we went swimming at a public pool during family swim time in the evening so I didn’t have to worry about getting burnt. It felt so good to be submerged in water. I then forget I am a bohemeth, until I step out that is. On Tuesday I took the girls to see Wall-e which is about the best childrens film I have seen in a very, very long time. Definitely one of my favorite movies and it was hard not to cry at the end. I love the message that the movie sends. Then we went over to my friend Shelby’s house and let the kiddo’s play and they had tons of fun. Yesterday was just a nice relaxing day at home playing.

Today Camden and Mikayla and some friends went out to play in the pool again and the water play became a water fight while I was taking pictures of them. Very cute. I can’t wait to learn how to edit my photos with the neat software that I have but other than cropping pictures I have no idea how to use the editing tools.

Here are some pics:


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