Super Cloth Diaper Cuteness

So I have a new obsession with cute newborn cloth diapers and that obsession is being nicely fulfilled with Nanipoo diapers. They are the most reasonably priced newborn diaper (besides prefolds of course) that I have found that is both affordable, super de duper cute and made with excellent craftsmanship. It is hard to imagine how Shannon, the maker, is able to make such excellently crafted diapers and maintain such a great price. For the newborn diapers they are only $8.50 a piece. These are fitted diapers with snap closures and they have a little cutout for the umbilical cord. They are one of the truest to size newborn diapers that I have seen. On the downside we won’t be able to use them long. On the plus side they will actually fit! I intend to sell mine when our baby grows out of them and use those funds to buy more diapers.

So far I have 13 Nanipoos and I wish I had a bajillion more. LOL. I have slowly amassed them by saving up paypal from selling things and stalking her Hyena Cart, where she sells them. We don’t know if we are having a boy or girl (I suspect girl) so I have bought cute prints for each gender and some are fairly gender neutral. I just plan on selling the ones we don’t use.

For those who aren’t too familiar with cloth diapers, fitted diapers technically require a cover if you want them to be waterproof. We just intend on using them at home for the most part so we won’t need a cover plus we’ll be doing EC. If you were to say, take baby in the car or use these for bedtime, etc you’d want to put a waterproof cover on them.

My favorites are the monkey diaper (pic didn’t turn out well), the fishy mosaic and the yellow with pink flowers. Of course they are much cuter in person than in picture and they are SUPER SOFT inside. Here they are for your viewing pleasure…



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  2. mionnny · July 11, 2008

    aww this is sooo tottaly cute!!!

  3. ckbasi · July 11, 2008

    Delighted to hear a review of a cloth diaper I hadn’t experienced before! We have most of what we need, but some of them were used, so I anticipate replacing them. Thanks for this.

  4. stephandtim · July 10, 2008

    Adorable! I love nanipoos!

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