A Day Trip to Columbia Park

Last week I wanted to make it up to the kids and take them to the park on the river for a day trip. We decided to make a full day of it and packed a picnic lunch, sidewalk chalk, a frisbee, a bat and some balls, their swimsuits and lots of energy. We were there for over 4 hours and the kids had an absolute blast.

I love this park because it is right next to the river, has a huge playground, a big water sprinkler park and huge open fields with mature trees that provide tons of shade.

It was such a fun day. I brought a blanket and my laptop (I know how dorky am I) and camera and hung out under the shade while the kids had fun. It was so relaxing and I was able to work on photo editing while they played.

The kids also met a little boy and his grandparents and he joined their activities for the rest of the afternoon. The kids all got along beautifully. Later the boys grandpa rounded up the kids and had them sit down to tell them a story. They all sat so attentively and listened to him tell a ghost story about a man who lost his arm in the park. In his story he made a ghostly “ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” sound and the kids LOVED it. After he was done telling his story the kids took turns telling ghost stories to each other. It was so cute. Camden would imitate the sound when she told her story and the boys would pretend to be scared and run across the field away from her.

Mikayla also led the children in a scavenger hunt for sticks and pinecones and Camden even found a feather. They kept gathering them up from all over the park, putting them on the Frisbee and carrying them like true treasures to collect in a pile. There is definitely something sacred about childhood.

Here are some pictures that captured some of our activities.

The Sister Pictures

The Sister Photo’s:

I wanted to get some “professional” pictures of Camden and Mikayla before the baby was born. I was going to just take them to a cheap local photo studio but realized my talented friend Shilowe could take them and do a much better job and she was so sweet to do them for free. Here they are, there is also a shot of the three of us.

Camden decided to be difficult and didn’t want to smile for any of the pictures but they still turned out great. She is so finicky with pictures. One day she is a ham begging to have her picture taken and the next she cops quite the attitude.

Needless to say I am so grateful to Shilowe for taking these pictures. She is so talented and we are all encouraging her to go professional with her work.

After seeing the pictures Mike has reaffirmed his intent on keeping shotguns in the house to ward off boys. I can’t say I blame him. Poor boys.