38 Weeks Pregnant and New Craving

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. Just two more weeks to go until my due date! I had a midwife appointment today with the assistant midwife, Dorise, out in Hermiston, OR. I am measuring 42 weeks which means it’s not in my head, I am big. LOL. I definitely think this baby is going to be bigger than Camden. Camden was 8 lbs 11 oz and I’m thinking this baby is easily going to be 9 1/2 pounds and maybe even in the 10 pound range. I guess the good news is that I’ve only gained about 20 pounds so hopefully it will be easier to lose what weight I’ve gained. Breastfeeding tends to help with that too. Babies heart beat today ranged from about 132-135. Blood pressure was great like always. No swelling. No headaches. No complaints really. Baby is still very high and the head isn’t engaged so he/she is still able to rotate from side to side. Baby is being nice and staying anterior about 90% of the time and just switches from my right to left side. My braxton hicks contractions are getting much stronger now and much more frequent. I am thinking that the earliest this baby will possibly be here would be next week but more likely I will have this baby right around the due date (Aug 22nd). Hopefully I don’t have the baby next weekend because Mike will be leaving to drive to Bellingham and pick up my step-daughter and my other friend Lisa (who is supposed to be at the birth) will also be out of town for the weekend. Next Saturday is also a full moon. So please baby, anytime but next weekend. LOL.

Today was also my 2nd chiropractic appointment. When I was pregnant with Camden I saw a chiropractor nearly every week from about 20 weeks pregnant until I delivered because I had such a hard time with my back. This time it’s been a breeze and I only decided to see one starting last week because my tailbone has been a bit sore and I wanted to make sure everything was in alignment for labor and the birth. Today we did just another minor adjustment and he said to just come back if I think I needed another one before the birth. I think I’ll be good to go for now though. I really think all the calcium/magnesium supplements and all the other vitamins/herbs that I have been taking have had a huge difference in the way my back and hips have been able to cope with this pregnancy.

I have also been hit with a new craving and unfortunately it is not a good one. We had a Sonic Drive-In restaurant open up a few miles from us and one day I went there and ordered a Strawberry Limemade during “Happy Hour” where their drinks are 1/2 off. Big mistake. That thing was soooooooo good. Full of nasty chemical dyes, artificial flavors and carbonated corn syrupy soda; but I don’t care. I dream of limemades. How sad is that? Today I tried a Cherry Limemade and it reminded me of the Shirley Temples that my brother and I used to get at Black Angus when we went out to dinner with my parents. Even though I feel twinges of guilt when I drink these things I just don’t care. I just keep telling myself thank goodness their is no Sonic in Bellingham so that when we move I can’t drink these things anymore. LOL.



  1. Lisa · August 10, 2008

    Don’t you dare tell Indy you drink that stuff. He’s been bugging me to get *something* at Sonic. LOL

  2. Haley · August 9, 2008

    Ferndale is getting a sonic so your not safe here either, lol! I’m glad things are going well with you and baby!

  3. journeytocrunchville · August 9, 2008

    No worries. :) It is perfectly within normal and depending on who is measuring me I have been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of my date since about mid-pregnancy. Even in first pregnancies it is totally normal to measure plus or minus two weeks from where you are actually at with absolutely no other reason being the cause. And sometimes some women show more discrepancy because of various factors. With second pregnancies the discrepancy gets even bigger because your muscles are looser, and then the reasons can cascade from there. Bigger babies, more fluid, position of baby, etc, etc. All an ultrasound would do would cost hundreds of dollars to confirm that yep, you’ve got a healthy, term baby in there, lol. I’m not worried at all, neither are my midwives and neither of lots of the other women online that are also measuring big for dates. Also, when the baby drops (it hasn’t yet) I’ll measure smaller again. That is what happened with Camden. You have to keep in mind that measuring a uterus isn’t an exact science and neither are ultrasounds. There are many babies who are induced because they are measuring “too big” on ultrasounds only to find that once the baby is delivered it weighs a good two pounds less than what the ultrasound said. That actually happened to one of the girls at my church. Her baby was supposed to be over 9 pounds and TOO big. So they induced her and her lovely daughter weighed just barely over 7 pounds.

  4. chandra · August 9, 2008

    Well, there are worse things in life than drinking strawberry limeades. I mean, really…you could be drinking alcohol or something! LOL No, I’m not liking that you are measuring 42 weeks. Is this okay? We are so different. I would be all about an ultrasound right now to make sure the cord isn’t where it isn’t supposed to be and so on. I guess that is why I’m the high risk pregnant woman and you are the natural no complications one. Praying for everything to go smoothly and wonderfully. LOVE YOU

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