Side by Side Comparison

The other day I was staring at Garrett (most of my day is spent this way) and it occurred to me that he seemed to look a lot like Camden first looked when she was born. So, I went to find her baby picture and sure enough there is definitely some sibling similarity there. I spent much of my pregnancy wondering if we would have the kind of kids that would look like siblings or if they would look nothing alike. Only time will tell if they will really wind up looking a lot like siblings but here are some comparison photo’s.

The two pictures below were taken when Camden and Garrett were about the same age. Camden is 7 days old below and Garrett is 6 days old.

Here are some more pictures of Camden as a baby for comparison. Apologies for the quality of the photo’s.


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  1. Karen L. Alaniz · August 24, 2008

    Hi. I saw your story on the news the other night. At the end of the broadcast they said there was a link to your blog on their site. There wasn’t. So I googled everything I could think of about the piece…nothing. Finally, I put in Time Magazine and home birth and was able to get your name and google it. I’m in WW, just about 50 miles from you. So anyway- something you said really struck me. It wasn’t really about home birth but about the birth experience. You said that women don’t trust their bodies to know what to do…or soemthing like that.

    You are so right. My oldest “baby” is 23, my youngest is 13. Though home birth is not a decision I would have made, I did choose natural child birth. I had no drugs and no epidural. I remember my doctor telling me that I could choose to have an epidural, but when she said that the baby would be a bit sedated afterward, I realized that what that means is that the drug goes into the baby. I didn’t want that. I’ve never regretted my choice, and actually found that at a certain point, it was as if I were drugged. Call it adrenaline, endorphins…whatever, but even a nurse came in and said, “Oh I see they’ve given you some good drugs.” She was very surprised when my husband informed her that I’d had nothing. I just felt an elation and joy that surpassed the pain.

    Also, I’ve attended five births since. Each woman chose to have an epidural. All five women experienced a slowing of contractions so that the birth was drawn out. Yes, they had less pain and all but one had no pain at all. The numbness it caused was so complete that the doctors informed me that we’d have to really encourage her to push as she wouldn’t feel the urge. How can that be right? Pushing is the most natural and the most wonderful feeling in the world! Anyway…I so agree with you. A whole generation of women believe that an epidural is the only way. I would not change one thing about the natural births I gave my children and myself and when my daughter has a child I can only hope that she has the courage to go against what the norm is and likely against what her doctor and friends are doing. I hope that the tides will change and women will rise up against the established attitudes toward childbirth. I hope that they will trust that their bodies will indeed know what to do. Though I have no problem with childbirth classes, I did find that I instinctively knew how to breath through contractions. I knew to rest between them and I resented someone telling me *not* to close my eyes during the pain (they said it made it seem worse), and yes, I knew when and how to push. Women are powerful beings and the most powerful when they carry and deliver a baby.

    And by the way- your baby boy is absolutely beautiful. The photos of him are stunning. Thanks for sharing your story and sorry mine is so long. :) ~Karen

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