Some Garrett and Family Pictures

I’ve had a tough time with our camera this week dealing with the lighting. We’ve had really unusual cloudy and cool weather here lately which has been great for us but not so great for using the manual settings on my camera. So, I apologize about the cruddy quality of some of these photo’s.

This was the second time Camden held Garrett. She thinks he’s “too big” to hold…

I’m so sorry Mike. I had to do it. LOL

Holding up his head. He can hold it up even higher than this too. His eyes, however, still get goofy and I laugh every time I look at this picture.

He is so precious when he sleeps. I love waking up to him every morning when we just sit there and stare at each other.

The girls love to come in to our room in the morning and see their brother


One comment

  1. Christen · August 27, 2008

    So, so cute! I can’t believe how big the girls are getting too!

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