“It’s a Stung”

Well, this is the week of marred faces for us.

Poor Camden. On Monday we were reading stories in the playroom when a bee buzzed by us. Camden took the book and tried to swat it away. The bee didn’t think that was so nice and upon Camden’s assassination attempt the bee became quite angry. I went to go get the fly swatter and take the kamikaze bee out but I was too late.  As my back was turned I was met with a piercing scream followed by frantic crying. At first I thought the bee just scared her but her continued wailing made it very apparent that she’d been stung. The bee got her between her nose, just above her left eye. After some ice, some salve, a cool wash cloth and a distracting movie I finally had a calmer Camden. On Monday her eye didn’t look too bad. Just a little red where she was stung.

This morning, however, I woke up to her eye being very swollen and red. I had to do a double take when I saw her face because I wasn’t expecting it to look like that. I am glad she is old enough to tell people what happened because I felt very self-conscious when we went to the grocery store today. It looks like someone punched her in the eye.

It is very cute to hear her explain to people what happened. “I got stung because I scared the bee. He thought I was going to hit him with that book and I am so big and he’s just small so he was scared so he stung me!” One old lady at the store came up to her and said, “Oh, you have an owie on your face” and Camden replied “No, it’s a stung.” LOL

I’ve still never been stung before…

In better news, Garrett’s rash is almost completely gone. It was definitely prickly heat that he was suffering from because the rash has cleared up just by giving him lukewarm baths and keeping him dressed in only his diaper. He still has a few spots left but it’s almost all completely healed.



  1. journeytocrunchville · September 18, 2008

    Oh Christen I am soooo sorry!

  2. Christen · September 17, 2008

    Yeah…the day after I read this blog I got stung by a bee! I seriously can’t remember the last time I was stung by a bee but I read this blog and then get stung, huh. By the way, did I tell you I HATE bees and run screaming from them, making a huge specticle along the way? Just a lil FYI!

  3. Melissa from Pittsburgh · September 16, 2008

    Poor sweetie, that’s just a bad spot for a stinger.

    BAD bee, BAD BAD BAD bee.

    But oh how I love honey.

  4. Christen · September 11, 2008

    Aww…poor baby! Her eye looks so uncomfortable!

  5. Lisa · September 11, 2008

    Ohh….and poor Cami. You did tell her that now that nasty bee will have to die cuz he left his stinger in her, right?? I always felt better knowing the dastardly insect that assaulted me now had a death sentence.

  6. Lisa · September 11, 2008

    Yayy for prickly heat!!! Mama still gets to eat all that yummy dairy. Can’t wait to see you guys today!

  7. Emeth Hesed · September 10, 2008

    Oh, poor Cami. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

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