Moving…Our New House

Mike and I have finally found a new place to live. We are moving back to Bellingham after living in Eastern Washington for the last 2 years and are happy to get back to the other side of the mountains and closer to family. Looks like we will be moving on October 17th.

We are moving into the bottom half of a beautiful home located on 5 acres of amazing property.  The property is within walking distance to Lake Whatcom. There is a beautiful view of Mt. Shuksan and tons of room for the kids to roam. We were also happy to meet the upstairs neighbor who happens to also be a stay-at-home mom of 4 children and also homeschools, doesn’t vaccinate and avoids food dye, etc which is very exciting. I couldn’t be happier with what we were able to find and how affordable the rent is. The house is very quirky since it was a custom built home and it used to be a Bed and Breakfast so the kids room will be a little weird but the space is huge, over 2000 square feet. Another pitfall is that there is only one bathroom and no bathtub. Cami will have to adjust to only getting to take showers. We decided that was a sacrifice that would be acceptable considering the alternative is to cram our family into a small apartment with no where to play outside.

Here is a picture of the house. I will update with more pictures after we move.



  1. Beth · October 7, 2008

    Thats a beautiful house! Congrats!


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  3. bohemianflowerprincess · September 24, 2008

    We used to live in a house that only had a shower. Showers freaked me out, so my mom just bought a large tub that would hold outdoor drinks and filled it up. The house looks SO cool and I can’t wait to see more pics after the move.

  4. Christen · September 20, 2008

    Wow! That sounds too good to be true! How great! Think of all the outside activities you’ll be able to do! I can’t wait to see you guys!

  5. journeytocrunchville · September 20, 2008

    Luckily she all ready enjoys showers so it shouldn’t be too bad. Yes, it’s the same ward which we are really excited about. Jaxon and Camden will be in the same primary class. We’re hoping that Amy will let Cami take a bath at their house every once in awhile for fun. :)

  6. Brianne · September 20, 2008

    That sounds great! I hope Camden will learn to like showers quickly :-). Will that be the same ward as my parents, the Rensinks, and Dave’s family (Bham II)?

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