EcaPants Cloth Diaper Review


Revolutionizing Cloth Diapers…

Let me preface this review by saying that this is by far one of the most impressive products in the cloth diapering world that I have ever tried. If you practice Elimination Communication or are attempting to potty train your child this is a MUST HAVE product.

The Scoop

EcaPants are designed to be trim fitting and quick and simple to flip open so that the baby/child can use the potty. Instead of trying to hassle with completely removing the clean diaper and then putting it back on, patent pending EcaPants are designed to stay on the waist, via a waist belt.

This makes putting the diaper back on after using the potty simple and quick and most importantly, possible with one hand. EcaPants are also a saving grace for older toddlers who have little patience for diaper changes or anything else that gets in the way of their exploring. It is the ultimate training diaper.

EcaPants come in various styles. There are waterproof and non-waterproof EcaPants and also snap closures or velcro closures. There is also a waterproof pocket style EcaPants that is currently being tested before becoming available to the public.

Inside of the new “pocket” style

The waterproof EcaPants like the ones we tested are made with a waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL)outer with an inside flannel layer and a hidden internal cotton sherpa soaker.

The Crunchville Experience

Inside of maroon “original” style

Garrett and I received two EcaPants diapers in the mail from Lisa, the owner of EcaWare Baby and the inventor of EcaPants. Since we practice Elimination Communication (infant potty learning) we were very excited to give these a try. We received a brown EcaPants in size small and a rich maroon EcaPants in size Medium. The brown EcaPants is the newer “pocket” style that is currently being tested and the maroon is from the original line of Ecapants.

-Sizing and Fit-

We tried out the brown pocket style first and I was very impressed with the fit. He is at the tail end, waist wise, of being able to fit in the size small but even so the diaper fit snug and securely without being too tight. The waist belt has 4 snappable positions and Garrett is in the largest setting on the size small.

When I tried the medium maroon EcaPants on Garrett I was surprised at how well it also fit him. Like most cloth diapers I was expecting there to be a funky transitional period in which the smalls were getting to be too small but the mediums were still too big. EcaPants seems to have created a diaper that seamlessly moves your child from one size to the next. In the mediums Garrett was on the smallest waist setting.

I found the fit of the EcaPants diapers to be trim and overall to look great. They didn’t appear bulky under pants and even the newer pocket style with the added soaker remained trim. I love the low cut features of this diaper. It allowed Garrett to be more comfortable without all of the extra bulk around his tummy that makes the sitting position look uncomfortable on some diapers the way it gathers around his waist. I also noticed that the fit between his legs was very trim which creates a much more natural fit.

In general, EcaPants look great. The craftsmanship is excellent and the colors are great.


I expected there to be some awkwardness in figuring out how to put the diaper on and in flipping it open to take Garrett potty. To my delight it was simple and pain free.

To put it on I simply laid Garrett on the floor…

snapped on the waist belt…

and pulled the diaper up between his legs and secured it in the back with velcro…

Wha la!

When it was time to go potty I was able to hold Garrett in one arm and unsecure the velcro with the other hand and flip open the diaper to allow Garrett to go potty.

For parents that practice EC this makes the “in arms” phase of pottying so much simpler and faster. Putting the diaper back on after Garrett went potty was the best part. I didn’t even have to sit down or lay him down to put the diaper back on. I supported him in one arm and used my other hand to flip the diaper back to the front and then secured the velcro on each side.

I love that it is possible to get the diaper back on securely with only one available hand. Genius I tell you! For those wiggle worm children who refuse to lie down for diaper changes this would certainly be an answered prayer.

Other super features include the velcro (it’s actually aplix). With other velcro diapers the velcro can begin to fray over time due to washings (think bumGenius). EcaPants all ready had that under control by sewing a protective edge around the velcro. No fraying, no accidentally scratching baby and I think it makes the velcro look nice.

Equally important is that the velcro attaches in the back. Obviously this allows the diaper to flip back and be out of the way but as an added bonus it keeps the velcro away from babies belly so that there is no chance of baby accidentally being scratched by the velcro.

-The Wash-

EcaPants have a pretty straight forward wash routine. Secure the velcro to the wash tabs. Do a hot wash and dry on hot. I followed the wash instructions and the diapers held up great. There was a normal amount of pilling on the flannel (pictured below).

The velcro stayed securely attached to the wash tabs. My suggestion, however, would be to use the dryer sparingly when drying your cloth diapers. The longevity of your diapers will last much longer if you line dry them. This goes for any cloth diaper.

I also appreciated that each EcaPants diaper had washing instructions included with it.

-Real Life Application (AKA The Pee Test)-

We’ve used both diapers several times and have found them to be very reliable in containing any misses. We used the diapers on outings, in the car and at naptimes and had great success. We only had one incidence of wicking and that was because Garrett had a large pee and he was in the original EcaPants that does not have a pocket for additional absorbency. Even so, the wicking was very minimal. I liked that I didn’t need to use the additional soaker in the pocket style diaper and that the diaper was still waterproof without it.

The other benefit of this diaper that is very useful for EC and also for older children learning to use the potty is that unlike most pocket diapers, EcaPants do not wick moisture away from baby’s skin. This helps to create a stronger association between urinating and being wet thus increasing the likelihood for potty success.

Since my son refuses to poo in a diaper we were not able to test EcaPants capabilities in containing poo. I imagine it does very well since the fit is so secure around the thighs and the back.

Wrapping it Up

-Suggestions, Observations and Wishes-

– I found that on the smaller sized diaper that the waist belt had a tendency to want to rise up above the outer shell of the diaper. All though this didn’t affect the functionality of the diaper, visually it is distracting.

– EcaPants are not for everyone. Since they are designed with EC and potty learning in mind they will not be an optimal diaper for those not wishing to take their children to the potty because inevitably you would experience leaks.

– All though I love that the velcro adheres in the back I imagine that this might make it somewhat cumbersome for the “do it yourself” toddler. However, since I don’t have a toddler I’m not sure if it makes it cumbersome or not, it is still reachable so perhaps they are able to detach it just fine. It is definitely something I’d look into if I were buying these for the older potty training toddler.

– My son doesn’t poo in his diapers so this was not an issue for us but I noticed that with the pocket having the insert in the middle and exposed that there is a high likelihood of poo getting on the fingers when removing the insert.

-If your child is a heavy wetter with even one pee you will want to invest in the new “pocket” style once they are available since there is the option to add extra absorption.


I absolutely LOVE this diaper. It is the answer to my EC wishes and makes pottying my son simple and quick. I can’t wait until the new pocket style becomes available so that I can buy a dozen of them. I’m not sure if I’ll use them for our night time diaper since we aren’t really practicing EC at night but it will definitely be our diaper of choice during the day.

NOTE: This is the first of many product reviews that I will begin to conduct on the site. All of the reviews will be archived on the Product Reviews page for future reference. If you have a product you would like me to review please email me.

Also, please keep your eye out for an article about Elimination Communication (EC). I am hoping to get this completed after our move.


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  1. Beth · October 18, 2008


    This was well done – professional and VERY good information. I liked that even though you are a huge fan of them that you still had suggestions or improvements. It makes it look balanced.

    Is your site up yet?

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